Know the scariest place to take an extreme photo without protection

In the United States there is a place that sends shivers down the spine of those of us who are afraid of heights, it is the Potato Chip Rock, which is located in Poway, California. A place where only the bravest dare to take pictures.

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The hike to reach the rock rises to 2,000 feet in elevation

Boys jumping around

Walking to it takes 3 to 4 hours

People eating at Potato Chip Rock

Although it looks scary, the truth is that there is a trick

Boy carrying a dog on a rock

It depends on the angle, the rock is only 4 meters from the ground

Girl About Potato Chip Rock

Although the rock is located on a mountainous elevation

Person sitting at Potato Chip Rock

It is one of the most famous points of the place

Boys jumping on the potato chip rock rock

At the beginning of the hike you get rented boats and you can fish

Man standing on his hands on a rock

Then you ascend and descend a small hill

People stretching on a rock

And from there all that’s left is to go up, and up, and up…

Girl on a rock

The scariest thing is when more people climb up and the rock shakes

Two boys jumping on potato chip

There are people who dare to take extreme photos there

Man leaning on a rock

You can go up just to relax

Man alone on a rock

To overcome your fears

Woman on a rock

Or accompanied for fun

Girls jumping on potato chip rock

Even make a declaration of love

Marriage proposal at Potato Chip Rock


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