Slovenia is full of celebrity doppelgängers

Some entertainment and humor pages on Facebook occasionally posts photographs of Slovenian citizens whose appearance is almost identical to that of well-known personalities in the West. We’re talking about the doppelgängers of celebrities like Emilia Clark, Donald Trump, Bruce Willis, and Jennifer Lawrence. Don’t believe me?

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1 – In this newspaper clipping, they highlighted a citizen who looked very similar to Jason Statham.

Celebrity Lookalikes (1)

2 – Leonardo DiCaprio gained a few pounds and went into private security.

Celebrity lookalikes (2)

3 – Well, Amy Winehouse died, but her doppelgänger is alive in Slovenia.

Celebrity-like people (3)

4 – Kit Harington, aka “John Snow,” has his twin in those parts.

Celebrity lookalikes (4)

5 – Attention, here is the first woman on this list similar to Emilia Clarke.

Celebrity lookalikes (5)

6 – Justin Bieber, tattoos and all.

Celebrity Lookalike (6)

7 – A woman seemed to be with Angelina Jolie in those years when she ate enough.

Celebrity Lookalikes (7)

8 – The resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence is undeniable.

Celebrity lookalikes (8)

9 – Daniel Radcliffe or, rather, Harry Potter… It has its Slovenian equivalent.

Similar people with celebrities (9)

10 – Severus Snape is also still alive in Slovenia.

Celebrity lookalikes (10)

11 – The trustworthy old woman, Nicole Kidman.

Celebrity lookalikes (11)

12 – She looks like Margaery Tyrell played by actress Natalie Dormer. But, it’s actually a Xenia Shelkovskaya cosplay.

Celebrity lookalikes (12)

13 – Ron Weasley, the red man who appears in “Dirty Harry the Potter“.

Celebrity Lookalike (13)

14 – Hugh Laurie’s unforgettable doppelgänger could not be missed.

Celebrity Lookalike (14)

15 – No doubt many would ask for her autograph believing that it is Angelina Jolie.

Celebrity-like people (15)

16 – The unforgettable Megan Fox.

Celebrity lookalike (16)

17 – This woman is identical to Emilia Clark.

Celebrity lookalikes (17)

18 – They won’t be able to deny that they cloned Julia Stiles.

Celebrities (18)

19 – This Bruce Willis doesn’t seem so hard to kill.

Celebrity lookalikes (19)

20 – Model Cara Delevingne’s stunt double.

Celebrity lookalike (20)

21 – Anthony Hopkins playing an old lady? Not at all, she is the grandmother of some Slovenian.

Celebrity lookalikes (21)

22 – This Slovenian lady on public transport seems determined to build a wall on the border with Croatia.

Celebrity lookalikes (22)


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