Why do cats go crazy after defecating?

Cats are particular animals with a rather interesting, arguably unique, way of behaving. Those who have a cat as a pet have probably had fun with the temperamental outbursts of these felines, which from one moment to the next go from complete inertia to the most abrupt of movements without any warning. From a human point of view, cats must be crazy.

Striped Cat With Collar

If you’ve ever paid attention, you’ve probably noticed the particular behavior that a cat exhibits after defecating. After relieving themselves in the litter box, many cats end up running around almost in amazement, as if they’ve seen a monster.

This euphoria after defecation does not have a definite explanation, but among the hypotheses that try to explain this behavior is the fact that, after abandoning their own tracks in a certain space, cats experience a natural fear that a predator may locate them.

Other theories.

Another theory is based on the fact that cats, during the first weeks of life, receive the assistance of the mother who licks the rear part after they have relieved themselves to leave everything clean, so the act of running would be a declaration of independenceshowing that they are adults and that they can clean themselves.

Cat shaking

A third hypothesis refers to the vagus nerve, present in both cats and humans, through the brainstem. This nerve, in both felines and humans, can be stimulated through defecation, triggering a pleasurable sensation that, when running, the cat may simply be enjoying to the fullest.

The fact is that there is still no final verdict on this strange reaction of cats after a visit to the bathroom. In any case, the ideal is to always keep the litter box as clean as possible, so that the act of going to the bathroom is easier for them and, obviously, we can have fun with their behaviors.



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