These are the extravagant jobs offered from Neom, the futuristic megacity in Saudi Arabia

  • To match the crazy idea of this city, we also need attention-grabbing jobs
  • The city is born from scratch, so everything is to be covered
Neom, the futuristic megacity in Saudi Arabia

NEOM is an acronym for New Future, which refers to the megaproject financed and built in Saudi Arabia to create a futuristic city and economic area, with an area three times that of Cyprus and which aims together with the La Línea project, also in the same country, to show what the cities of the future could be.

The truth is that both projects are very extravagant ideas and aim to make real what George Orwell or anyone else could have imagined cities will be a hundred years from now, but with the difference that NEOM is expected to be completed by 2025.

This mega-project, which consists of the construction of a city and two huge skyscrapers, has been adding more buildings to make NEOM an even more futuristic city while making it one for grandeur and wealth, with the addition of a mega yacht port and hundreds of luxury villas.

But no matter how much ostentation, luxury, and wealth a city wants to give, for it to prosper it needs people to live there, and these people need jobs. The builders of NEOM are aware of this, and with the aim of starting to attract attention and find the first inhabitants of this futuristic city they have already published a list with up to 235 job offers, that while it is true that there are ordinary jobs, there are also others that attract attention.

The curious jobs offered at NEOM

NEOM City Concept
Images of NEOM’s City Concept

Animal Repopulation Leader: Being a city built from scratch, and in the middle of the desert, as expected there is no wildlife. NEOM is looking for professionals to help build corridors for wildlife, as well as monitor species and assess the biodiversity of the place.

Head of Student Recruitment: The success of the city lies in the fact that it has citizens who want to live in it, and the younger they are, the better the future it has. That’s why they’re looking for someone to make NEOM “the place to live and work,” while also preparing the “brightest young minds” for careers within the city.

Professional for Water Mobility Station: Although it sounds common, and to some extent it is, this offer is looking for employees for the city’s water station, what happens is that it will not be an ordinary port, but one full of superyachts and other ostentatious vessels.

Personalized Health Director: He will be in charge of prioritizing the health and well-being of the citizens of NEOM, and in other words it seems a bit like you could aspire to become a kind of health minister of the city, which is not a bad place.

However, not everything that comes to us from NEOM is good news or curiosities, as reported by the BBC last week, Saudi forces have been authorized to use “lethal force” if necessary to expel residents who refuse to be relocated.



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