iPadOS 18: What’s changing and when the next iPad update will be available

At WWDC 2024 Apple has announced iPadOS 18, we are going to review all the news and when it will be available for download on compatible iPads

iPadOS 18 Whats changing and when the next iPad update will be available
Apple announces iPadOS 18: these are all its news and arrival date on compatible iPads

Apple has summoned us once again to learn about all the new features that it has been developing for months and that have seen the light during this WWDC. The Cupertino company kicked off the event season with the unveiling of a new processor, the M4 that debuted on the iPad Pro unveiled this year during the Let Loose event. It was not the only product presented, new accessories and the renewal of the iPad Air were also unveiled.

Logically, Apple did not show anything about the operating system of its iPads at the previous event because it has reserved all the news for WWDC 2024. This is iPadOS 18, a new version that lands with a series of important new features in the operation of iPads and, above all, puts an end to the support time of some models. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in iPadOS 18 and when you’ll be able to download it on your compatible iPad.

What’s new in iPadOS 18

What's new in iPadOS 18 unveiled at WWDC 2024
What’s new in iPadOS 18 unveiled at WWDC 2024

Among the main changes in iPadOS 18 is an improvement in the design and behavior of the applications. Apple has emphasized that, now, the applications will have improved behavior. This can be seen in the integration of the new navigation tab.

This top bar will allow you to switch between applications, use two at the same time and have control of the iPad screen in a much more precise way. Along with this new feature, iPadOS 18 will allow users to customize the icons and colors of the home screen, which will offer a unique experience to each user.

Sticking with icons, iPadOS 18 gives users control of the screen, and now they can be moved along with widgets free-form without needing to fit into the screen grid. The control center has been updated, now the shapes are more rounded and pleasing to the eye.

In addition, the control center has new sections in which the different settings or notifications will be located. In terms of privacy, iPadOS 18 introduces the possibility of hiding applications so that only the owner of the iPad can access them and no one can invade the privacy of users.

Math Notes this is the calculator that is integrated into the Notes application of the iPad
Math Notes: this is the calculator that is integrated into the Notes application of the iPad

Apple debuts the Calculator in iPadOS 18, until now, this application was only found on other Apple devices. Apple has decided that it is time for it to land on the iPad and it has done so in style with a huge number of new features.

Not a conventional app, Calculator for iPad is compatible with the Apple Pencil. This is important because the full potential of this application will be used through a device with which to write in the application manually.

This calculator will be integrated into the Notes application, although the conventional version will be as an individual application in the application drawer and will have a design similar to that of the iPhone, except that the size of the screen means that it has more operations in view.

Math Notes Example
Math Notes Example

Math Notes is the name of this functionality, its main feature is that it supports variables and solves operations in real time. The examples given during the event have shown how by writing as it would in a notebook, the application is able to solve the operations.

In fact, the most surprising thing has been when an equation with two variables has been solved in a matter of seconds, simply by writing the corresponding formula that refers to the different variables to be taken into account within the application.

Continuing with the most substantial new features, Apple has improved the correction of handwritten text with the Apple Pencil. But the most interesting thing is the addition of Smart Script to Notes, this functionality is capable of learning your handwriting and will be able to complete paragraphs intelligently.

Smart Script in the Notes app
Smart Script in the Notes app

The list of new features in iPadOS 18 ends with the following changes:

  • Apple Maps has new topographic maps
  • New game mode that improves the experience by limiting background activity and reduces latency with headphones
  • Complete Photo Redesign
  • Apple Intelligence AI lands on Apple products, iPads compatible with artificial intelligence will be able to access this novelty

When iPadOS 18 will be released?

Although we don’t know exactly when iPadOS 18 will be released, but it is expected to be released throughout September of this year. We will be attentive to the announcements of Apple along with the iPads that will be compatible with this new version of iPadOS.



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