Microsoft will bring Tencent’s Android games and apps to Windows: historic deal for the Chinese market

Apparently, this agreement will only affect the Chinese market, at least for now

Microsoft will bring Tencent Android games and apps to Windows
Microsoft and Tencent sign a major collaboration agreement with Android as the protagonist

Undoubtedly, Microsoft’s commitment to the mobile games and apps market remains firmly in place, and proof of this is the announcement of the arrival of the Xbox Store on iOS and Android in July, but this is only part of its strategy. Beyond this, as TechSpot recently reported, the Redmond team seems to have reached a great agreement with one of the great conglomerates in the world of video games, and especially when it comes to mobile games.

The aforementioned media reported that Microsoft had closed an agreement with Tencent to bring some of the Android games and applications from the Chinese company’s store to Windows, this being a very interesting and far-reaching move, although this would not have an effect worldwide. As indicated, this agreement will have an effect on the Chinese market.

Microsoft and Tencent sign historic partnership

As we say, at least for now, Microsoft will be in charge of bringing Tencent’s Android games and apps to its own Windows store in the Chinese market, so Asian users will have access to about 1,500 mobile apps and games. Access to these will be as easy as searching for any of the items available in the aforementioned Redmond store. In other words, these Tencent titles and apps can be found in the Windows store, through the Start menu, Windows search and, in addition, from the Bing search engine itself.


Also, when you install one of these Tencent apps or games on Windows, your desktop shortcut will be created. As you can see, these additions will be perfectly integrated into Microsoft’s operating system for PCs, although, as we said, they will only be able to enjoy it from the Chinese market, at least initially. The Redmond company is still determined to bring native Android support to computers with its OS, a tool they tried to reinforce with the arrival of the Windows Subsystem technology for Google’s system (WSA) in Windows 11.

It didn’t take long for this tool to be a failure and in March 2025 it will be discontinued. Therefore, this agreement with Tencent seems to be a new attempt, although this time the Redmond team will not be alone. In addition to the Asian conglomerate, the U.S. company will have the collaboration of Intel, which will provide Arm-based x86 Celadon CPUs, which will allow apps and games to get the most out of graphics and thus offer a higher number of frames per second and improved graphics, in addition to taking full advantage of AI.



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