Now available on Apple Arcade the June 2024 games: Return to Monkey Island is one of them

Apple’s subscription service brings numerous games for this summer

Now available on Apple Arcade the June 2024 games Return to Monkey Island is one of them
June and July will have up to 7 new games available through Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade, the iOS video game subscription system, already has its new monthly titles available. This subscription platform, which adds new games every month, has brought in the month of June such iconic games as Return to Monkey Island, as well as 6 more games that will enrich the library available on the Apple service between the months of June and July.

The new video games coming to Apple Arcade

The games that arrive in this month of June would be the following:

  • Rabbids: Legends of the Multiverse. This Rabbids game, one of Ubisoft’s most popular franchises as a spin-off of Rayman, arrives at Apple Arcade with a proposal that unites card duels with the iconic universe of the Rabbids.
  • Return to Monkey Island. The long-awaited sequel to the cult saga Monkey Island is also coming to Apple Arcade. This title, the third installment of the saga directed by Ron Gilbert, combines current design advances and trends with the roots of a franchise beloved by its fans.
  • Tomb of the Mask. It is an arcade game that, with an aesthetic that will remind more than one of the Pac-Man scenario, offers a most addictive and striking challenge moving you through dungeons full of dangers.
  • Fabulous – Wedding Disaster. A fashion and design game in which players will have to show their best skills in the haute couture sector to succeed in the boutique. It is, therefore, a management game in which you will have to take care of the various areas of the store simultaneously to lend a hand where needed.
Return to Monkey Island was released at the end of 2022 on different platforms
Return to Monkey Island was released at the end of 2022 on different platforms

In the month of July, from the 3rd, these three games would also arrive:

  • Outlanders 2: Second Nature. It’s a farming and resource management game in which you’ll have to bring out all your management and leadership skills. As you progress through this game, your village will grow and develop, unlocking more and more customization possibilities.
  • Punch Kick Duck. An action game in which, handling a duck, you must use your combat skills to knock down all the enemies and obstacles that come your way.
  • Zen Koi Pro. If you’ve ever dreamed of turning a koi carp into a dragon, this title is the one to fulfill your dream. By taking care of different koi in the water, under a relaxing and immersive interface, you will take care of these special fish so that they develop and “evolve”.

The rise of subscriptions

More and more services are opting for a subscription system to give users the freedom to choose the content that may interest them most at any time. It has been on film and series platforms such as Netflix, MAX, Prime Video or Disney+ for many years, but that format also ended up reaching video games through systems such as PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass.

Later, both iOS and Android wanted to join this subscription system, and that’s where the current Apple Arcade came from. However, there are several options available, even beyond Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade. Proof of this are, for example, the video games offered by Netflix through its application, downloadable at no cost and with a wide variety of titles available.



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