A new free-to-play Star Wars game is now available on mobile and Nintendo Switch

Zynga’s new Star Wars: Hunters is now available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch

A new free-to-play Star Wars game is now available on mobile and Nintendo Switch
Star Wars: Hunters is now available for free on mobile and Nintendo Switch

If you are a fan of video games and Star Wars, you may have been keeping an eye on the development of Star Wars: Hunters, a title created by Zynga, a company that could be responsible for bringing some great Take-Two franchises, such as GTA or Red Dead Redemption, to mobile. As you may have imagined, this new iteration in the world of video games of what is one of the great licenses in the world of entertainment, has been developed to be enjoyed on mobiles, but also for consoles, specifically for Nintendo Switch. Be that as it may, we are here to tell you that this title is now available.

That’s right, Star Wars: Hunters is now available on Android phones from the Google Play Store and iOS through the App Store, as well as on Nintendo Switch, downloading it from the eShop. By the way, it’s free to download on all the platforms mentioned, so getting into this new action game set in the Star Wars universe is within the reach of any user.

Star Wars: Hunters is now available on mobile and Nintendo Switch

After suffering several delays, Star Wars: Hunters has finally been released on mobile and Switch for free. Zynga’s new film is set between the original trilogy and the sequels, and takes us to the most recognized locations of the saga, both in movies and series, so that we can face others in teams, which will be composed of original and classic characters. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this proposal is based on 4-on-4 battles and, among the aforementioned characters, we can find Jedi, bounty hunters, Wookiees, Imperial stormtroopers, and more.

“Welcome to the planet Vespaara. Under the spotlight of the Arena, survivors of the fallen Galactic Empire and new heroes face off in spectacular gladiatorial battles that will enshrine them as legends across the galaxy,” reads the description of Star Wars: Hunters. In addition, they also indicate that new characters, weapon skins, maps, and other additional content will be arriving with each of their seasons. You can always find out more in the respective stores where this new title is located.

At launch, the new game based on the Star Wars franchise features several game modes. “Dominate the fast-paced Battlefield in Dynamic Control by controlling the center point and preventing the opposing team from entering its boundaries. In Trophy in Battle, two teams compete to keep the trophy droid in their possession and score points. The first team to reach 100% wins the game. In Squad Brawl, you’ll fight as a team; Whoever reaches 20 eliminations before wins,” they indicate. And with all this, we have to fight to try to be the best, move up the division and the league, and ultimately be “one of the stars of the show”.

Perhaps the journey of Star Wars as far as mobile games are concerned is not the best, but certainly this Star Wars: Hunters is a proposal that is presented in a very interesting and fun way, to be honest. You’ll have to try it to clear up any doubts, but the combination of what is possibly the biggest franchise in the entertainment world and Zynga, one of the biggest companies in the mobile gaming sector, is eye-catching, to say the least.

Download Star Wars: Hunters for FREE on Google Play Store

Download FREE Star Wars: Hunters on App Store

Download FREE Star Wars: Hunters on Nintendo Switch eShop

That said, remember that you can now download Star Wars: Hunters for free on Android and iOS mobiles and, in addition, on Nintendo Switch.



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