Mobile is the most popular video game platform in the U.S., according to a new report

Mobile phones top U.S. player rankings, according to ESA

Mobile is the most popular video game platform in the US according to a new report
The transversality, portability and number of mobiles in the world make it the platform with the most player traffic

Mobile gaming has had huge numbers of users for a while now, but new reports reveal that those numbers may even be higher than many realize. The study, which has been carried out in the United States, reveals that up to 31% of current gamers use mobile as the only video game platform, thus showing itself as the type of device that brings together the most gamers today.

Mobile phones over PCs and consoles

This report from the Entertainment Software Association, the ESA, reveals a lot of interesting data about the behavior of the average gamer in the United States. These data can also be broadly extrapolated to several of the main countries in the first world, since these types of trends are global in nature. Thus, the importance of mobile phones in today’s video game industry is evident.

In the ESA report, in addition, you can find many other interesting data, such as that 67% of Americans play on mobile, well above the 53% who do it on PC, and also higher than the 36% who play on consoles, and the 12% who play in Virtual Reality. In addition, the report also focuses on its social effects, such as the ability of video games for parents and children to strengthen bonds, or also to meet new people, make friends and even find a relationship through them.

The mobile gaming community is head and shoulders above the rest
Although it may not seem like it, the mobile gaming community is head and shoulders above the rest

Despite the mental profile that anyone may have in mind, nowadays there are people of all ages enjoying video games, and mobile phones are one of the most transversal tools for this. For example, a Boomer generation lady and a Generation Alpha child can have smartphones as their main video game platform more easily, as it is a device that almost everyone has, and phones nowadays have video games of all kinds, from puzzles to creative sandboxes.

The easy access and cost of a mobile phone

It is important to take into account certain factors, such as the fact that free to play is the keynote of smartphone games, which provides a certain variety of video games of different genres without spending money. On the other hand, the mobile phone is a much more widespread tool, as there are billions of smartphones in the current world park, a figure much higher than console users or those of an accessible PC for gaming. Because, in addition, even the cheapest mobile phones are capable of running many types of games.

In addition, another element that makes mobile games more and more thriving is the multiplatform factor of more and more titles. Because, in addition to free games with gacha mechanics, such as HoYoverse’s Honkai: Star Rail, or the new Wuthering Waves, larger games are also being ported, such as GTA Trilogy, available from Netflix, or major productions such as Death Stranding, already available on iOS for the iPhone 15 Pro, higher versions, and later ones that will arrive in the future.



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