The mastermind behind PS4 and PS5 makes it clear that gamers “extremely prefer games with higher FPS rates”

Mark Cerny, chief architect of PS5, has been surprised that many game developers are betting on 60 FPS, something he defines as “a radical change from previous generations”

The mastermind behind PS4 and PS5 makes it clear that gamers "extremely prefer games with higher FPS rates"

Do you know who Mark Cerny is? He is considered a legend within Sony due to the important roles he has played since the birth of the first PlayStation. However, it wasn’t until PS4 and PS5 that he served as chief architect, a position that involves leading the design and development of hardware, as well as contributing to software, graphics power and graphics power, etc.

He’s the mastermind of Sony’s latest consoles, and he recently spoke to Games Industry about what surprised him from both developers and players. In one part of the interview he is asked about what was the aspect that has impressed him the most from the developers, and the chief architect has replied that most studios opt for 60 frames per second.

“The other thing that has surprised is the commitment to 60 frames per second. Based on the consoles’ previous lifecycles, I would have expected there to be many more games at 30 frames per second, simply because the artwork can be much more detailed if you have more time to render them. Instead, the near-universal norm this time around has been for games to run at 60 FPS. It’s great from a gameplay point of view,” he acknowledges (via PSU).

Gamers prefer 60 FPS

Cerny says that “is great from a gameplay standpoint,” as “gamers extremely prefer games with higher FPS rates. But I didn’t expect such a radical change from previous generations.” Mark Cerny has always been someone who has chosen to listen to video game developers, and that was made clear the last time he mentioned the ambitious goals he set for himself with PS5.



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