iOS 18 will let you create new emojis using generative AI

With this tool it would not be necessary to wait for new emojis to be launched, the user will be able to create them by describing them

iOS 18 will let you create new emojis using generative AI
iOS 18 Would Include an AI Emoji Maker Tool

We’re just two weeks away from the unveiling of iOS 18 and rumors are intensifying about its possible new features. Recently, we’ve learned that we’ll also see customization features that will allow you to change the color of app icons. But not only that, we will also be allowed to create emojis with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

As Mark Gurman has written in the latest installment of his official Power On newsletter, one of the uses of generative Artificial Intelligence in iOS 18 will be the creation of your own emojis. Apple aims to make this new emoticon creation tool one of the standouts and become one of the most popular among users.

A new emoji for every situation

Mark Gurman believes that the emoji creation tool will go beyond what we may think. Thanks to AI, users will be able to create custom emoticons based on what they type. This means that you will be able to have a new emoji for each situation if there is not one in the catalog that describes it.

Apple usually releases new emojis in the spring alongside a new version of iOS. It has happened, for example, with iOS 17.4 and will happen in an upcoming version of iOS 18. However, thanks to this new AI emoji creation tool, you won’t have to wait for them to be added, you can create them by describing them.

This new tool would be a very good move by Apple to incentivize users to use the AI that will come to Apple devices with the next operating systems. Everyone uses emoticons and having a tool for the user to create them is a good way to get used to them.

iOS 18 is expected to arrive with other AI features in many of its native apps, as well as a revamped Siri that would be the main protagonist of the event. Finally, Apple is also expected to launch a chatbot that would be powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, it looks like some of them will be under the beta label, as has happened with some in the past, such as Universal Control.



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