OpenAI Could Be Helping Apple Improve Siri: The Result Could Be Incredible

Apple has been testing Siri and ChatGPT for months, references have already been found in iOS 17.4 betas

OpenAI Could Be Helping Apple Improve Siri
Siri would be completely revamped in iOS 18 thanks to AI

Apple is reportedly about to sign a deal with OpenAI with the aim of making some of the new features of iOS 18, such as the Siri revamp, powered by ChatGPT. It looked like it was a last-minute deal, but a new report claims that these talks have been underway since last year and that Microsoft would be very concerned about it.

As pointed out by the specialized media The Information, Apple will present new Artificial Intelligence features at the next WWDC 2024, functions in which OpenAI will have a lot to do, as they will use ChatGPT tools thanks to an agreement that has been brewing since mid-2023, with Apple employees having access to OpenAI’s APIs.

The goal is for Siri to improve once and for all

According to the report, Apple employees from the machine learning team met with Altman and other OpenAI members in mid-2023, around last year’s WWDC. Although little is known about what exactly they discussed, both companies later reached an agreement for Apple employees to have access to OpenAI’s APIs for internal testing.

In those tests, Apple engineers connected ChatGPT with Siri, creating impressive demonstrations of Siri handling more complex queries than usual, including better understanding the context of what users were saying. This is something that, by the way, was found in the iOS 17.4 code a few weeks ago. There were references to Siri being worked on.

The possibilities for Apple are endless, but sources familiar with the matter say the company is focusing on using OpenAI’s technologies to make Siri answer more complex questions and even turn it into a chatbotOpenAI showed Apple how Siri could become more responsive, natural, and even provide real-time translation using its APIs.

A deal that has been in the works for so long would make a lot more sense than a last-minute one, as the latest rumours have suggested. It’s clear that Apple wanted to improve Siri, and from the looks of it, it was a little late. For this reason, you may have relied on OpenAI to be able to make it possible.



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