ChatGPT Not Working: OpenAI’s Chatbot Suffers a Worldwide Crash

ChatGPT seems to be going through some problems for a few minutes now

ChatGPT Not Working
The ChatGPT app on a smartphone

ChatGPT appears to be going through a slump affecting OpenAI’s AI service around the world. The company itself has confirmed this through its status page, where it specifies that “ChatGPT is not available to some users”, in addition to confirming that it is already working on a solution. At the moment, however, the cause of this fall has not been revealed.


Platforms such as DownDetector have been flooded with complaints from users, who indicate that they have not been able to access the AI chatbot for a few minutes. In some cases, despite being able to access the service, they are unable to submit queries or get answers from the chatbot.

Since the cause of the outage that has been affecting ChatGPT since this morning is not known, it is very likely that the solutions to the most common chatbot problems will be of no use this time around. It will be up to OpenAI itself to fix the problems, which we hope will happen over the next few minutes.

This isn’t the first time ChatGPT has stopped working over the past few weeks. Recently, a crash in the Microsoft Bing API also partially knocked out tools based on the GPT language model that required the use of Microsoft APIs. This time, however, the problem seems to be localized to OpenAI’s servers.

Update | ChatGPT is back up and running

Through an update on the service’s status page, OpenAI has reported on the implementation of the fix to the issues that had led to the downfall of the world’s most famous AI chatbot.

Currently, ChatGPT is back up and running normally around the world. At the moment, the company has not revealed the causes that have left millions of users unable to access the chatbot.



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