The iPhone 16 Pro could be the smartphone with the thinnest bezels in the world

Bezels could be well under 2mm on the iPhone 16 Pro

The iPhone 16 Pro could be the smartphone with the thinnest bezels in the world
Apple will unveil iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro in September

The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to have a similar design to the iPhone 15 Pro, save for several details: the display and bezels. In the case of the display, the iPhone 16 Pro’s would be larger. In the case of bezels, they would shrink even further thanks to a new process and become the world’s thinnest on a smartphone, according to a new rumor.

This information comes from IceUniverse, a well-known leaker who has been right in the past about Apple, but also about other brands such as Samsung. And as usual, it was on his personal X account where he shared that it’s possible that the iPhone 16 Pro has the world’s thinnest bezels on a smartphone.

If the rumors come true, the iPhone 16 Pro will have a large front

It should be clear that this rumor refers to the edges of the screen, which were already reduced on the iPhone 15 Pro, not the Dynamic Island, which would remain the same. As for the dynamic island, rumors point to an evolution to a point in one of the 2025 iPhone 17 models, the iPhone Slim.

As for the edges, the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are expected to be even thinner than the iPhone 15 Pro. It will be a noticeable change, as when they were reduced on the 15 Pro, they went from being 3.5mm to less than 2mm. This means that the iPhone 16 Pro would have bezels of well under 2mm.

In fact, thanks to the supply chain, it has already been leaked that Apple wants to use BSR (Border Reduction Structure) technology in the screens of the iPhone 16 Pro to reduce their edges, something that would have caused some challenges, but has not triggered delays of any kind so far.

In addition to improving the look of the front of these devices, a reduction in borders would also help increase the size of their screens. Recall that the iPhone 16 Pro is expected to have 6.3-inch screens and the iPhone 16 Pro Max 6.9-inch. This would also allow the size of the device not to increase much, although in the case of the Pro Max, the difference compared to the 15 Pro Max would be considerable.



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