Top 5 Best Voice Translation Apps for Android and iOS Devices

Language barrier has always been a problem while travelling or speaking to a non-native person. Reading sign boards and to converse with people seems to be meaningless if you don’t understand the language they are imprinted and speaking in. But technology is rolling out in our daily needs and multi-language voice translation apps beats the language barriers across the world and let you free from hiring an interpreter.

By using speech recognition and OCR(Optical Character Recognition), these apps translates voices, texts and in-picture characters to your native language and you can not be misunderstood again while travelling. Apps supports English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and their local versions and most of the other languages spoken around the world.

Multi-language voice translation apps are also an interesting way to teach yourself a new language.


Google Translate (Completely Free)

Google Translate

Google Translate provides translation to over 80 language worldwide and more languages are added time to time. Google translate let you download the language packs for offline translation so you don’t have to be connected to internet all the time for translation. It can translate from text, speech, handwritten characters or from pictures using OCR. Take a picture of sign board or any written document and ‘Google Translate’ translates it for you.

You can also save the translations and later access then from any device, it saves your time from repeated translations of same speech again and again.

Available on: Android and iOS


JIBBIGO (Free for Online Use, $4.99 for Offline language Pack)

GIBBIGO voice translator

GIBBIGO is a free online translation app, you need to purchase offline language pack for offline translations which let you translate in 20+ languages without network connection. GIBBIGO is an award winning speech recognition app and good to use while travelling.

GIBBIGO was the first offline speech translation app released in 2009 and can translate most of the languages spoken around the world by type or speech and available on Android and iOS

Available on: Android and iOS


iTranslate (Free, $3 for Voice Recognition)


iTranslate is a popular voice translation and voice recognition app available on iPhone and iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle fire, Windows devices and soon will be available on MAC also. iTranslate provides translation of words, phrases and text in over 80 languages and you can also do text to speech and translate voices by voice recognition for which you need to purchase in-app voice recognition.

iTranslate also provides in-app dictionary and suggestions for word or phrase translations you translate in iTranslate.

Available on: iPhone + iPad, Android, kindle fire, Windows, Windows Phone


iVoice Translator Pro ($0.99)

iVoice Translator Pro

iVoice Translator Pro is best for conversations and let you instantly translate voice from one language to another as you speak into your iOS device using this app. App translate speech in more human interactive voices  with the choice of male of female voice. You can instantly share your translations on Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.

App also provides access to the dictionary of commonly used phrases and also let you save your own phrases in Phrasebook. Overall It’s a best travel app for two sided translated conversations available on iOS devices.

Available on: iOS devices


Lexifone (Free, Pay Per Minute)

Lexifone in-call translation app

Lexifone is different from other translation apps listed here. It support real time in-call translations. Lexifone translates both side speech to the language you have selected and make you understood in real time.

App is free to download and require not internet connection for translations but phone call are charged at per minute rates starting from 1.5 cents to 2.5 cents per minute. If you’re a heavy international call user then you can get cheaper rates on monthly subscriptions at their website. It’s a good app if you want to have conversation internationally with person who speaks language you don’t understand and supports calls in over 100 countries.

Available on: Android


Though above listed voice translation apps are best in class, but there’re other similar apps you may find useful: Bing Translator for Windows Phone, Vocre, Verbalizeit, Navita Translator, SyaHi Translate.

Everyone has their favourite apps and if you are using any of the voice translation app then share one of your favourites in comments.



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