How to Send Secret Messages From Iphone

Would you like to send secret messages which leaves No Trace behind and self destruct after specified time like Mission Impossible. There’s an App for I-phone users which allows users to send secret self-destruct messages right from your I-phone. App is provided by Wickr.

Iphone app for secret messages

It provides military-grade anti-forensics encryption for your text, picture, audio and video messages. Sender have control over who can read messages, where and how long recipient see the message. Users are anonymous all over in the communication from sender to recipient.

Your all data from your pictures, video and audio files, like your device info, your location, and any personal information captured during the creation of those files are deleted. You can also set the expire time of your message after which messages got vanished.

To make it more and more secure, taking screen shots are not working while you are viewing your message. If your device screen is moved by a single pixel, your message will be vanish permanently. So taking screen shots can not work within the device.

You don’t need to add an e-mail in the app to send messages, means you are completely private and anonymous. You don’t need to share any personal information.

The Only thing you need to know is usernames to communicate on Wickr. You can either send SMS or e-mail message.

It is available worldwide in 156 countries.

There are other alternate ways in which you can send self-destructive messages without any app.

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