Uber’s iPhone app will include mini-games to keep you entertained while you wait

Uber wants to follow in YouTube’s footsteps and may integrate games into the app in the future

Uber iPhone app will include mini-games to keep you entertained while you wait
Uber is reportedly working on mini-games for the app

The code of the Uber app for iPhone hides one of its next big new features: mini-games to entertain us while we wait for our order. This feature will be added to the recently launched live activities, which allow you to see the progress of your car both on the Dynamic Island and on the lock screen.

Developer Aaron Perris, a contributor to Apple’s specialized media MacRumors, has been in charge of finding them in the code of the Uber app. The latest update of the app, which has been launched, is full of references to games that would be released to liven up the waits. Of course, it is a feature that will need an internet connection.

Uber will launch mini-games for users to play while waiting for their car

While they’re in the app’s code, it’s unclear if the mini-games will eventually make their way to the Uber app. It’s also unclear at this point when they would launch if they did. There is also no mention in the found code whether the mini-games would be a free or paid feature; References are scarce and only mention the need to have a connection.

Offering mini-games to passengers would be a very good way to entertain them while they wait or travel in the car, making waiting and journeys more enjoyable. We also don’t know what games are coming, so right now everything is very uncertain. However, the fact that it was found in the code indicates that it is being worked on.

If these mini-games materialize, Uber would follow in the footsteps of YouTube, which last month changed its mind and now offers YouTube Playables for free to all users, a collection of 75 mini-games with which to entertain themselves within the platform. We’ll see what happens.

In short:

  1. Uber is reportedly working on launching mini-games within the app.
  2. References have been found in the code of the last update.
  3. It is not known if they will end up being released or not, or if they would be paid.

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