iOS 18 allows you to block and hide apps: this is how it works

In iOS 18, you can block and hide applications for much more privacy

iOS 18 allows you to block and hide apps this is how it works
iOS 18 will be released to everyone in September

As the rumors predicted, iOS 18 allows you to block apps with Face ID or Touch ID, but also hide them. This means that to access them it will be necessary to use one of these two methods. In addition, hiding them will not show notifications or appear in the App Library or Spotlight when you search for them.

This is one of the features that Apple highlighted at WWDC 2024, along with the ability to freely place icons on the home screen, change their color or new features in the Messages app. In the case of blocking and hiding apps, this does nothing more than provide greater privacy to users.

This is how the new app blocking and hiding will work in iOS 18

First of all, to be able to block an application, all you have to do is press and hold an icon to display the options that usually appear. When these options are displayed, just tap the Face ID or Touch ID option and confirm. Once confirmed, to access the app in question it will be necessary to authenticate and the notifications will appear without preview.

On the other hand, to hide an application, the same steps must be followed, but when you press the Face ID or Touch ID option, you must choose the option to hide an app and confirm the pop-up window that will appear explaining how the new function works. Hidden apps won’t be able to send notifications or be found. They’ll be in a locked folder in the App Library.

To undo the changes, you have to follow the same process, but in reverse. When an app is locked or hidden, you’ll see the option to return it to its normal state. Undoubtedly, a functionality that provides more privacy to users, since not all apps have to be visible.

This new option will be available in iOS 18 for all supported iPhones. At the moment, iOS 18 is in beta, but you can install it if you join Apple’s beta program. Of course, it is still an unstable version and things can go wrong.



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