These 9 “new features” of iOS 18 were already on Android before

Apple takes a step forward by bringing to iOS 18 numerous features that have already been implemented in Android

These 9 new features of iOS 18 were already on Android before
Wallpapers can now be visible, removing apps from the way

Since the recent announcement of iOS 18 at the last Apple WWDC 2024 event, the entire Apple universe and its competition has been able to see everything that will come to this operating system. This is a high-flying update, and it will finally bring numerous features that also existed on Android. In fact, up to 9 remarkable features that were in Android will also be part of iOS 18 as soon as the update arrives.

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The 9 new features that were already in Android

This is not surprising, if you take into account that, although Apple’s user experience has always been very high, Android has differentiated, since its inception, in showing more settings and customization possibilities, making each user make its interface “their own”. In addition, this new version will arrive on many Apple mobiles. Therefore, in this way, the 9 Android functions that arrive in iOS 18 are the following:

Move apps on the Home and Lock Screen

Although it is one of the most anticipated functions by Apple, that was one of the design bases of Android in its origin, being able to place widgets and applications anywhere on the screen, as well as having several pages of apps without the need for them to be full. iOS, until now, had always “forced” applications to be in order and without spaces in between.

Multimedia Control Center

This has not been around for so long on Android, but for several years now, the notification bar has changed its appearance depending on where you get off from, finding the various quick shortcuts of functions, or multimedia controls that are activated depending on how you are using the phone. Therefore, these controls will also be more easily found in iOS 18.

iPhone 15 and models from previous years will be compatible with iOS 18
iPhone 15, and models from previous years, will be compatible with iOS 18

Artificial intelligence

It is one of the most recent and most even additions with Android, whose AI-based functions have been implemented in recent months. However, once again, devices such as the Pixel 8, which arrived only a month after the iPhone 15 lineup, already had this type of AI features.

Password Manager

Thanks to the new iOS password management tool, Apple mobile users will now also be able to save passwords that, when entering common sites for the same person, will recommend you to autofill the account and password, which is ideal for maintaining permanent access to an account, even if you don’t remember the password. This function had also been in Android for several years, both natively by Google, and by manufacturers that, like Samsung, also allow you to save accounts and passwords.

Game Mode

This is one of the new features that those who use their iPhone to frequently play video games will enjoy the most. The “Game Mode”, something common in almost all Android phones today, is capable of optimizing the performance of the phone so that the resources prioritize the playback of said video game over other functions of the mobile. This allows you to choose everything from high performance or battery saving options, to being able to adjust elements such as brightness when playing video games.

The iPhone 15 Pro is a phone specially designed to offer performance in video games
The iPhone 15 Pro is a phone specially designed to offer performance in video games

Photographic summaries

This functionality allows Apple’s photo app to automatically group different photos, either by location, location, dates, or photo style, to show you memories in a structured way. This is also done by Google Photos, whose functions in Android have also been extended for several years.

Email with categories

A feature that has been in force in Gmail for almost a decade is the separation of certain emails into different types of labels, with special prominence for “social” and “promotions”, which allows messages related to social networks, or advertising-level emails, such as a new PlayStation game or a new Netflix series, set aside and leave the main inbox cleaner. Thus, iOS 18 will also improve your mail inbox by creating categories.

The improvements of iOS 18 are one of the most outstanding advances of recent years at Apple
The improvements of iOS 18 are one of the most outstanding advances of recent years at Apple

Pay in one tap

This feature initially arrived with Google Pay on Android, although it was later discontinued, when it became Google Wallet. However, Apple is betting on the method of paying someone else by putting the phones together to transfer the money directly to the other person.

RCS Messaging

RCS messaging, a fundamental format to maintain compatibility with other systems outside of iOS, will finally arrive at Apple, after Google’s constant complaints about it. This will mean that, never again, there will be formatting problems when an Apple user and an Android phone user talk through messaging. Logically, Google had already implemented it for years, so Apple now also joins this format.



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