Don’t expect to see a foldable iPhone anytime soon: Apple wouldn’t release it before 2027

The company’s first foldable device would be a 20-inch MacBook

Dont expect to see a foldable iPhone anytime soon
Foldable iPhone Concept

It’s highly unlikely that Apple will release a foldable iPhone before 2027. All rumors agree that the first foldable device from the brand of the bitten apple would be a 20-inch MacBook. To these is added the firm TrendForce, which considers it unlikely that the Cupertino company will surprise us with a foldable iPhone in the short term.

Apple would face different challenges, including making the hinge as unnoticeable as possible. At the moment, the results wouldn’t be meeting quality standards, which would have led the company to focus on that foldable Mac we mentioned earlier.

We’ll have to wait to see the foldable iPhone

As TrendForce points out, Apple is unlikely to launch a foldable iPhone before 2027, but when it does, it will revolutionize the market. They don’t specify why, but they put a lot of emphasis on it. Apple would be waiting because it is still evaluating the market.

In fact, TrendForce indicates that the foldable smartphone market represents 1.5%, with projections to increase to 4.8% by 2028. Apple would continue to evaluate the market as it works on the reliability of its device, especially that the hinge is imperceptible and can be bent without problems.

Apple has been working on the foldable iPhone for several years now and in 2021 patented a crack-proof display that could be intended for this device. In addition, a few years ago it was also leaked that the company was testing in its factories by opening and closing two prototypes of this device about a hundred thousand times.

We’ll see how this ends, but it’s becoming clear that the company’s first device wouldn’t be an iPhone. As for the foldable MacBook, it’s expected to be 20-inches and we’ll see it in 2026, so you wouldn’t have to wait that long to see it. The only thing that can be done at this point is to wait.

In short:

  1. Another major firm notes that Apple would not release the foldable iPhone before 2027.
  2. Apple continues to evaluate the market and work on the reliability of its foldable iPhone.
  3. The company’s first foldable device is expected to be a 20-inch MacBook.


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