Apple is reportedly working on an official Apple TV+ app for Android

The publication of an Apple job post has served to learn that the company would be working on a version of Apple TV+ for Android

Apple is reportedly working on an official Apple TV+ app for Android
Apple TV+ for Android phones is reportedly getting closer to becoming a reality due to a leak of a new job at Apple

The wait seems to have come to an end, Apple is reportedly working on bringing Apple TV+ to Android phones. Rumors about this move have emerged thanks to a job offer published by the Cupertino company and echoed by Bloomberg. The post indicates that Apple is looking for an Android engineer to develop an app that will be used for streaming content consumption.

All speculation points to this application being Apple TV+ and, to be honest, it would be a pleasant surprise for users. Until now, anyone with an Android phone and an Apple TV+ subscription could only access the service through the browser. Yes, Apple TV+ doesn’t have an official app for Android and it’s questionable when it comes to just another service like Netflix, Prime Video, or Max.

Apple TV+ for Android phones would be closer and closer to being a reality

Apple TV+ is not exclusive to Apple devices, in fact, there is an app for Android TV. While users of this version of Android for TVs can enjoy Apple TV+, the same users can’t consume their subscription content on their mobile devices.

The company behind the iPhone may have taken into account users who are not part of its ecosystem. In addition, the experience of viewing content from the browser is not optimal. Having a dedicated app will allow Apple to integrate a wider range of features while offering a sense of immersion.

Logically, this may all be just rumors and Apple is looking to develop something totally different from Apple TV+. Of course, it would be illogical for the Cupertino company to continue with the same mentality in the middle of 2024 and decide to dismiss an audience willing to swell the company’s coffers through subscriptions.

There is still no information to confirm Apple’s move, although everything points to Android users having an application where they can enjoy both series and the broadcast of sporting events. All that remains is to wait for the company to make a move and announce what is supposed to be an open secret.



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