The crown jewel of Netflix right now is a thriller that will keep you glued to the couch. This is why you must see it

Netflix is betting on this thriller that does not have a great technical invoice but is having quite a success

The crown jewel of Netflix
The movie is from 2016 and has a really gruesome plot

There are action movies that earn a place in their own right from the moment they are released into the hall of fame of the best films in the genre. However, others pass without pain or glory and then are resurrected when they reach streaming and people find them and put them back in value. This film is in the second case, as it does not stop climbing positions and the truth is that it achieves it with incredible ease. No wonder, as it is very short and direct, which allows us to disconnect the brain comfortably.

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A surprising action thriller

A former war medic will have to race against time for her survival. He works in a hospital and the Irish mafia has begun to dominate him with dark intentions. Thus, to extort her, they have taken her son hostage, so she will have to return to her skills of the past to sow terror among the ranks of her enemies and recover her son and the place of peace he once deserved. A script that could well remind us of John Wick.

Directed by Tony Dean Smith, a fairly unknown director, we find that Mercy is a film with a direct approach and that does not beat around the bush. It goes fully into the action and that makes it great to watch in a little bit of rest over the weekend.

The truth is that the film is not a gem. On the contrary, the performances are not particularly good and in general the script seems a bit peculiar. However, it is true that the suspense and tension are well enough to make this film pass us by in a breath, especially since it is very short: only 85 minutes long.

Plus, the movie has a lot of action. It’s as if we were looking at a John Wick film but starring a woman who at first seems to be simply a doctor but who really has military training and is going to make things very complicated for the mafia of the country. There is no shortage of action scenes and that helps to give a fluidity to the film that others of this style do not have.

It is possible that this is the reason why the 2016 film does not stop sweeping Netflix, and it is that it has been accumulating hours of non-stop viewing until it has become one of the jewels in the crown of recent weeks for the platform. It is not known if it will be sustained over time or if it will finally disappear in the face of the push of other more important novelties.



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