Do you need to watch the other ‘Star Wars’ series to watch ‘The Acolyte’?

The series will take us to the High Republic

Star Wars series - The Acolyte
Jedi will be the central axis of this story

There are incredible _Star Wars series, but the new film in the universe, Star Wars: The Acolyte, is about to become one of the best that has been presented so far. However, there are many doubts about whether it would be necessary to watch the rest of the Star Wars series for this, so we are going to try to clarify the issue in the simplest way possible.

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What is ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ about?

At the moment we don’t have much information about the plot. The story is set 100 years before Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and takes us into a murder plot investigated by a Jedi Knight. There, he will pull the thread until he discovers that these deaths are linked to a former student of his. The problem is that it has fallen to the dark side and means the resurgence of the Sith, who were long thought to be extinct.

In this way, we are facing a science fiction plot that draws attention notably for the content that can be extracted from it, as it takes us to an unexplored era of Star Wars.

Is it necessary to watch the other ‘Star Wars’ series?

The short answer is no. To follow the plot, you won’t need to watch any series, not even the movies. Now, the long answer complicates everything a bit.

Many Star Wars fans or lovers of its world in general will be wondering if it is necessary to have seen the previous series to be aware of what happened. Not really, as the series is set in the High Republic and therefore serves as a prequel to all of them, including the various sagas of the films.

In this way, we are facing a unique approach to a period that fans have always had in mind but that has usually been quite ignored in their productions.

Therefore, despite the fact that it is a sequel and it is not necessary to watch the movies or series, we must bear in mind that it is necessary to know something about the universe in which it is set. Although this is an accessible lore that is easy to learn about in popular culture, at the very least it is ideal to have some basic knowledge of the world, especially since the plot is focused on Jedi and Sith.

‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ release date

The series will be available next Wednesday, June 5, at which time the first two chapters of the series will be available. Being a series set in the High Republic, it is one of the first to expand the original canon far beyond the original films.



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