Netflix reveals the 14 new games coming to iOS and Android in the coming months

Netflix’s game library continues to grow and they have already announced the new additions for the coming months

Netflix reveals the 14 new games coming to iOS and Android in the coming months
Netflix announces its 14 new games for the coming months

For quite some time now, Netflix, in addition to offering its customers a large number of programs, series and movies of all kinds, also gives its users the option to enjoy a good list of games at no additional cost and that can be enjoyed from the app of mobile devices, both Android and iOS. In that sense, the platform received in May a large number of titles such as Braid: Anniversary Edition, Katana Zero or Sonic Mania Plus itself, among others, and that’s not counting the proposals that were already available, such as Hades or GTA: The Trilogy, for example; And now they’ve revealed more games coming in the coming months.

Exactly, Netflix doesn’t want to hit the brakes and has already announced up to 14 new games that will arrive in the coming monthssome of them with defined release dates and others that we only know will arrive in 2024. Among the titles announced for the platform, we can also find those belonging to the Netflix Reality Universe, which were announced very recently.

Here are the 14 new mobile games coming to Netflix in the coming months

As you can see, as you can see in the trailer shared above we can see that the variety of these games is more than remarkable and, in addition, we can also find some proposals belonging to recognized licenses, both Netflix and others. For example, we can find an Emily in Paris game or even one that will come to Android and iOS through Netflix itself exclusively and that belongs to the iconic franchise of The Lord of the Rings. Let’s now take a look at the full list of the 14 mobile titles coming to the platform in the coming months:

  • Netflix Stories: Perfect Match (June 6).
  • The Case of the Golden Idol (June 11).
  • Hearts (June 18).
  • Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit (June 25).
  • Too Hot to Handle 3 (July 23 and pre-registration now available).
  • The Dragon Prince: Xadia (July 30).
  • Arranger: A Role-Playing Adventure (Summer 2024).
  • Don’t Starve Together.
  • Harmonium: The Musical.
  • Lab Rat.
  • Netflix Stories: Emily in Paris.
  • Netflix Stories: Selling Sunset.
  • Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of the Rings Game.
  • Rotwood.

As you can see and as we said before, many of these games have already confirmed release dates, so it seems that we are going to have new interesting additions in these summer months. In the case of the others, we can only wait to find out their respective dates of arrival on mobile phones through Netflix, although at least we know that these are scheduled to premiere in 2024.

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