The Dragon Prince: Xadia, the ARPG that arrives in July on Netflix, opens pre-registration on iOS and Android

The game inspired by the Netflix animated series premieres at the end of next month and has already opened its previous registrations on mobiles

The Dragon Prince Xadia the ARPG that arrives in July on Netflix opens pre-registration on iOS and Android
The Dragon Prince: Xadia opens her previous registrations on mobiles

The game we are going to talk about now, as in the case of Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure, was already announced as one of the novelties of Netflix Games for these summer months, it was even presented with a release date for July 30, and now it is back in the news because its previous registrations have been opened on Android and iOS. We are talking about The Dragon Prince: Xadia, the new action role-playing game for mobile, based on the series that gives it its name, The Dragon Prince.

The Dragon Prince: Xadia has been developed by Wonderstorm, who are the creators of the Netflix animated series, which will premiere its sixth season a few days before the game’s release, specifically on July 26. Now this new ARPG has already opened its pre-registration on Android, through the Google Play Store; and pre-order on iOS, through the App Store; which will allow us to play this proposal as soon as it is released without having to wait.

The Dragon Prince: Xadia has already opened its pre-registrations on Android and iOS

The game inspired by the Dragon Prince series, which is how we know it in these parts, takes us to a cooperative ARPG proposal in which we can assume the role of Xadia’s champions, who will enter missions, which can be carried out cooperatively, to finish off the different villains of the series. In addition, it will feature some new faces and narratives, making this mobile title a great gateway to the Netflix series, while also being an interesting proposition for those who already know it.

“This hero-based co-op action role-playing game (ARPG) developed in-house by Wonderstorm, the creators of the Emmy-winning Netflix series “The Dragon Prince,” is set in the same epic fantasy world and showcases all the humor, charisma and grand challenges fans have come to expect. This action-packed adventure introduces new characters and stories that expand the universe of “The Dragon Prince” along with countless hours of fun co-op action gameplay and a satisfying RPG progression system,” they state in the game’s description.

“Play as one of several iconic heroes from “The Dragon Prince,” each with their own unique combat style and abilities. As you overcome the adventures and dungeons with a clean fight, you will increase the power of your character to be able to face more complex missions. Whether you’re a fan of the series and you’re trying an ARPG for the first time or you’ve been playing for a while and want something new, you’ll find an unforgettable fantasy adventure in Xadia,” they add.

Pre-register The Dragon Prince: Xadia on the Google Play Store

The Dragon Prince: Xadia pre-order on the App Store

With all this said, we can only remember that The Dragon Prince: Xadia, which will arrive on July 30 on Netflix, has already opened the pre-registrations on Android, through the Google Play Store, and on iOS, through the App Store, so if you sign up you can be one of the first to enter this free and exclusive proposal for Netflix subscribers. Of course.



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