Nintendo leaker who worked at Google hunted down

Internal Google documents have come to light revealing how an employee leaked Nintendo data by accessing its YouTube channel.

Nintendo Leaker Who Worked At Google Hunted Down

Google admits to having collected inadequate information from its users and, also, that one of its workers was leaking information from Nintendo. A series of documents to which the portal 404Media has had access has uncovered a series of irregularities in the internet giant, and one of them directly affected Mario’s house.

Between algorithms that read license plates that shouldn’t have been, filters that had to prevent children’s voices from being recorded and didn’t work, and modifications of advertising codes on the network, the website has revealed that “a Google employee accessed private videos from Nintendo’s YouTube channel and that he took advantage of this access to leak “information before Nintendo’s planned announcements.”


Although it has not been revealed what announcements were made or in what specific period of time these leaks were carried out, the portal adds that they date back 6 years or more and that an internal investigation at Google ended up determining that the access and leaks were not intentional. It remains to be seen whether the Kyoto people will comment on the matter after this revelation.

The identity of the leaker is a mystery. Curiously, Pyoro has spoken out as a result of this report, ruling out that it was him, despite having advanced announcements such as Super Mario Bros Wonder or Nintendo World Championships for Switch. Nintendo is one of the video game companies that has suffered the most leaks in recent years, from the marketing spending of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the alleged codename of Splatoon 4, the last 7 years have been full of rumors and leaks among which were surely those of this user.

There is no further information on this, although we will remain attentive to more details. It is unknown what the leaks in question were, and it is difficult for them to come to light.



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