Do you usually play games on your iPhone? You’re going to want SCUF’s new controller designed for mobile

This controller is capable of turning your iPhone into a portable console that has little to envy in ergonomics to the Steam Deck

Do you usually play games on your iPhone
SCUF Gaming’s new controller is designed to turn your iPhone into a handheld console

The power of iPhones makes these devices perfect portable consoles for enjoying almost any type of title, although there is an inherent problem with the mobile format: the controls are cumbersome. To alleviate this situation, controllers that completely encompass the devices and offer a better experience are usually used, SCUF Gaming has just presented the SCUF Nomad aimed at turning the iPhone into a portable console with all the letters.

Among the main features of the SCUF Nomad is its design designed to offer ergonomics that allow users to comfortably enjoy extensive gaming sessions. To achieve this functional aesthetic, a design interpolation has been made between the different SCUF Gaming products until a product that meets expectations is achieved.

SCUF Gaming’s new controller is designed to turn your iPhone into a handheld console

On a technical level, we find a control that weighs 228 grams along with dimensions of 20.2 centimeters long, 10.1 centimeters high and 0.51 centimeters thick. All this means that it does not add excessive weight to the iPhone on which you want to place it, allowing it to be comfortable to use.

The front of the SCUF Nomad features an arrangement that’s halfway between an XBOX controller and a PlayStation controller. On the right there is a joystick just above the Y, X, A and B keypads, while on the left side there is another joystick on top of a D-pad.

These would not be the only buttons available on the SCUF Nomad, the controller would have four elements that would serve as auxiliary buttons to pause games, access the menu or configure options of the device itself. Of course, the most interesting thing is that it has a button dedicated to recording the games.

Design of the SCUF Nomad
Design of the SCUF Nomad / Image: SCUF Gaming

Let’s not forget about the triggers, the SCUF Nomad has four triggers arranged in pairs in the upper areas of the device. In addition, it has two auxiliary buttons similar to those on the Steam Deck. The company stresses that the material used for the joysticks is intended to prevent drift.

This remote control is powered by a battery that offers up to 16 hours of battery life. Charging is done via a USB-C cable that is included, and the company assures that with a 20-minute charge you can play again for hours. The control app for this controller allows you to customize the buttons, as well as being able to play compatible games with just a few clicks.

The SCUF Nomad is priced at $99.99 in its official store. The tag is high and not all users may be willing to pay this amount for an accessory. Now we just have to wait and see if this device is successful among iPhones with iOS 16 operating system and above.



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