Some of the new capabilities that Siri would have in iOS 18 come to light

Smarter responses, new voices, improved playback control, and notification summary

Some of the new capabilities that Siri would have in iOS 18 come to light
Siri will be one of the main protagonists of WWDC 2024

One of the main protagonists of iOS 18 would be Siri. The iPhone’s virtual assistant would be completely revamped, and everything seems to indicate that it will be thanks to the help of OpenAI and ChatGPT tools. A new report has shared some of the new features we could see in Siri, as well as native apps.

As indicated by AppleInsider, iOS 18 will incorporate features to create smart replies in the Messages app, an AI draft of items in the Photos app, and new capabilities in Siri, including better replies. Here’s what it’s all about.

Here are some of the features Siri would have in iOS 18

Let’s start with the most important thing: Siri. We’re gradually learning more about the wizard’s revamp, but this new report gives us a breakdown of some of its new capabilities. Here’s the shared list:

  1. Better responses: Siri’s responses will be improved thanks to a new Smart Response framework.
  2. New voices: Siri would have new, more realistic voices for more natural conversations, and Siri typing functionality would be improved.
  3. Improved playback control: Siri would be able to control music playback from another device. For example, from the iPhone you would control the one on the Mac. However, this feature could be delayed.
  4. Catch-up: Siri could provide a summary of notifications.

Other new features are expected, such as smart replies in the Messages app, the removal of objects in photos in the Photos app, and the inclusion of voice memos and math formula resolution in the Notes app.

In addition to AI features, iOS 18 would bring customization options. Everything points to the fact that the icons on the home screen will be able to be freely placed by the user and even change their color. However, these and other news will have to be confirmed at WWDC 2024.



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