Siri will be able to run specific features of your apps in iOS 18

Apple would offer hundreds of app-related commands that Siri could run

Siri will be able to run specific features of your apps in iOS 18
Siri will be much smarter in the next operating systems

Siri is expected to be in the spotlight at WWDC 2024 thanks to a complete AI-powered revamp. Among its new capabilities would be the ability to summarize notifications, control music playback from other devices, and execute app-specific functions thanks to a better understanding of context, which will make it smarter.

As Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman points out, Siri will be fully integrated into the system in iOS 18 and other versions. This would allow you to not only run very specific app functions, but also more accurately control and navigate the iPhone and iPad.

Siri will integrate with iPhone, iPad, and Mac like never before

According to the analyst, these new capabilities would open up a world of possibilities. With such deep integration, Siri would be able to navigate devices more accurately, being able to perform specific tasks in apps, such as changing a folder note, opening a specific document, and more. Apple is reportedly planning to include hundreds of new commands.

Currently, the app-related features that Siri can perform are limited; however, thanks to AI, the assistant on Apple devices will be prepared to have more extensive knowledge and control of an app’s internal functions, and all through more natural language.

On the other hand, Siri will be able to execute multiple commands at once, something we haven’t seen to date. For example, Siri could edit an image and send it to one of your contacts consecutively and in the same command. This would be an improved version of the new iOS 17 that allows Siri to wait when asked for something in case she wants to ask for more things.

However, Mark Gurman also points out that most of the functions processed on the devices would be limited to the most powerful devices. For iPhones, starting with iPhone 15 Pro, and for iPads and Macs, starting with models that use an M1 chip. The reason? The company wants AI features to be a compelling reason to revamp devices.



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