9 Ridiculous Jobs Where Celebrities Employ People

When it comes to the rich and famous, the possibilities are endless. So it’s not particularly surprising for many that they hire staff to do the most ridiculous tasks for them. Are you too lazy to set an alarm clock? Hire an assistant to wake you up every morning. Are you clumsy when walking? Pay someone to catch you if you fall. Do you need someone to hold your food while you browse social media? No problem, there will be someone who does. When you have money and you’re a celebrity, you can pay people to do all kinds of weird things for you.

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Ridiculous Jobs Celebrities Employ

Lady Gaga: A spoon person in the evenings.

A pregnancy pillow or a giant stuffed animal just doesn’t work for Lady Gaga. While she sleeps, the “Poker Face” singer needs a warm and pleasant body to cuddle in order to get a restful night’s sleep. And we’re not going to judge it either, because for most people it’s better to sleep together. In 2003, Jennifer O’Neill, Lady Gaga’s former personal assistant, filed a lawsuit for unpaid overtime.

Lady Gaga

In the version of events, O’Neill said that she was required to sleep in Gaga’s bed because the American singer enjoys sleeping with others. In addition, her working day did not have a fixed schedule, so she had to be available 24/7. In the lawsuit, the former assistant said she only received an annual salary of $75,000 for all that work. I suspect that many here would spoon Lady Gaga without a salary.

Many things can be said about Marey Carey, but she is hardly identified as an elegant celebrity. After multiple falls on stage, the diva earned a reputation for being clumsy. In fact, your personal assistant is in charge of bringing you drinks and another member of the team is in charge of always having your favorite toilet paper at hand. But, her most amazing employee is one who walks backwards right in front of her. This guy’s job is to catch her in case Carey trips and falls to the front.

Justin Bieber and his food charger.

Justin Bieber

The fame and money that Justin Bieber reaped by fascinating 10-year-old girls allow him to be a conceited of the worst. Often, making a fool of himself in unnecessary run-ins with the law to prove his “manhood.” And he is always accompanied by an entourage that fulfills his every whim. That includes a person holding your food and drink when it’s not in your mouth.

We don’t know the reasons that prevent him from leaving his food on a surface, as any mortal does. But for someone like Justin Bieber, it’s not even worth questioning such a silly habit.

The Ludacris Battery Charger.


We all know the “ordeal” of taking out an electronic device only to find that it has run out of battery. That’s why Ludacris hired a person to ensure that all of its devices are charged at all times. In addition to power banks, the assistant carries spare batteries that can be changed when necessary. In the information age, it’s absurd that pampered celebrities have to worry about something as banal as a lack of battery on their devices.

Oprah Winfrey and her bra expert.

Oprah Winfrey

For women, few things are more uncomfortable than having a bra rod digging into their body. A nightmare that billionaire Oprah Winfrey never wants to experience again. In addition to the entourage of employees who cater to her every need, Winfrey has a personal assistant who makes sure her bras fit perfectly. Imagine if every woman could afford a bra specialist, men’s lives would be so much easier.

She is so obsessed with this issue that she has already launched several campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of a perfect fit. Considering she went from poverty to running a gigantic media empire, it seems that Oprah Winfrey knows very well where the priorities lie.

The people who undress Prince Charles.

Prince Charles

Being a member of the British royal family means zero worries about petty tasks, such as undressing. Prince Charles knows this very well, as a group of people take off his clothes. After a strenuous day sipping a cup of tea and crocheting, a group of people undress him and take his clothes to be washed.

As if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, he also has an assistant who irons his shoelaces. Some rumors say that Prince Charles has probably never undressed on his own. Imagine how you explain something like that to your wife.