Illustrations show us the advantage of having a cat

Cats: complicated and beloved living beings at the same time. Whoever has one has probably already been through unconventional situations with them, but those who don’t live with these animals really have no idea what it’s like to be looked down upon in life. Yes, welcome to the bizarre nature of these hair-pulling pets.

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Benefits of Cat Ownership-002
A cat is the perfect alarm clock.

To play around with this situation a bit and demonstrate the way people love their cats despite everything they do, Russia-based online store Lingvistov created a series of illustrations on the benefits of owning a cat. The humour of the titles gives a special touch to each image and promises to bring a smile to those who have already suffered from the situations portrayed. Take a look below (titles with free translation)

Benefits of Owning a Cat

Extra – free fur coat.

Benefits of Cat Ownership-004

A cat knows how to tidy things up.

Benefits of Cat Ownership-005

A cat teaches you how to go against the system.

Benefits of Cat Ownership-006

A cat teaches you to stop and observe the beauty of the world.

Benefits of Cat Ownership-007

A cat knows the value of comfort.

Cat Owners Benefits

A cat knows good food.

Benefits of Cat Ownership-009

A cat gives you cool gifts.

Benefits of Owning a Cat

A cat teaches you not to waste time.

Benefits of Cat Ownership-011

A cat teaches you to love yourself.



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