When they put FALSE EYES on the fish to sell them as if they were fresh

The artificial dyes that pigment unappetizing foods, the perfumes that add smell to ultra-fertilized plants, and the wax with which they cover some fruits or vegetables in the supermarket so that they deceive our sight and make us feel that they are really appetizing, are just old fraudulent marketing tricks that have gone out of fashion. Today’s thing is to turn products into dolls!

Or something like this they tried in an Asian fishmonger’s, where they put puppet eyes on fish that were a few days away from spoiling to pass them off as “fresh meat”. Excellent crafting! However, after a lady noticed the blatant deception, she informed the Department of Commerce.


How many will they have managed to sell?

But what eyes! They look so fresh that you’d think they’re still breathing…

What a disgusting disappointment

Expired fish

Of course, the aesthetic fix they made to these rotten fish generated a lot of mockery on social networks, but… have you ever stopped to think about how many people got sick after consuming them? Put on trout the next time you buy seafood and fish!



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