6 Common Foods That Could Kill You

To die you just need to be alive. Apparently this phrase is meaningless, but it is a clear reminder that our existence could end at any moment. Have you heard the maxim that “the difference between the antidote and the poison is the dose“? It seems like an exaggeration, but common items of everyday life pose a grave danger when we leave common sense and moderation aside.

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Chewing gum in the mouth

The following list brings together extremely common things. Products present in the daily routine that can even be beneficial for health, but that can also harm us to the extent of causing death.

1 – Carrot.

Carrots are a vegetable that is widely recommended for its properties. However, consuming it in excess can end up killing you. When you eat a lot of carrots in a short period of time (18 kilograms in a week) you can suffer from chronic hypervitaminosis A. In this condition, the body stores vitamin A in excess, and if your liver has a problem, it presents a delicate health picture.


2 – Chewing gum.

Chewing a pack of gum a day for eight months can lead to severe weight loss and diarrhea, all due to excessive accumulation of a compound called sorbitol. However, chewing 404 packs of gum in one sitting would prove fatal to the average human.

3 – Blue cheese.

Cheese is one of the great delicacies of this world, and few things are more pleasurable than consuming it melted or au gratin over a good meal. However, when it comes to a blue cheese, such as the famous gorgonzola, it is best to tread carefully. If a person were to consume ten kilograms of this cheese, they would basically sign their death warrant.

In these quantities Penicillium roqueforti, a fungus that’s also responsible for that footy smell in cheese, is toxic enough to send you to the next world.

4 – Cinnamon.

This spice has multiple followers, not only for its exquisite aroma, but also for the unique flavor. But, consuming 40 tablespoons of cinnamon would prove fatal for an average human being. At those levels, the heart would be unable to withstand the stimulant effect of the substance and would stop because of fatal benzaldehyde poisoning.

cinnamon sticks and powder

5 – Toothpaste.

In our times, toothpaste is an essential ally when it comes to oral hygiene and a good smile. However, that toothpaste you buy at the supermarket could kill you depending on how and how much you use it. Ingesting a little toothpaste while brushing your teeth probably doesn’t pose any danger. But, if you swallow more than 13 tubes of toothpaste, you’re likely to end up dead.

6 – Potatoes.

Consuming spoiled potatoes is a potentially lethal practice. Medical records indicate patients who had cardiac arrhythmia, headache, nightmares and dizziness from consuming just 40 milligrams of this substance. However, ingesting three times this amount would result in central nervous system failure and death.


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