18 Examples of Pure Perfection in the Foods

They say that “hunger enters through the eyes”, although there are plenty of exceptions to this assumption (the huitlacoche, for example). Occasionally, however, the appearance of a food is so perfect that we even feel a little sorry when we devour it. The meals below are so perfect that we thank people for taking the time to take a picture of them before turning them into poop.

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1 – This curious two-tone cherry.

Two-Tone Cherry

2 – Depending on the density, liquids are grouped into several layers, like this seven-layer tea served in Bangladesh.

Seven-layer tea Bangladesh

3 – The universe conspired so that the beauty of that slice of pepperoni was adorned by an onion ring.

Peperonni Onion Ring

4 – The macaroni fit perfectly on the walls of this tin.

Round Macaroni

5 – A fruit smoothie that seems to keep the golden ratio.

A Perfect Smoothie

6 – Tomatoes cut to perfection.

Freshly cut tomatoes

7 – The box of ice cream we’d all like to buy.

Ice Cream Box

8 – A pizza packed with salami.

Perfect food Pizza full of salami

9 – It’s even a little embarrassing to start drinking this cappuccino.

A perfect cappuccino

10 – Some ravioli that seem to practice synchronized swimming in the pot.

Ravioli in the pot

11 – Can you guess what it’s all about? Leave your answer in the comments.

Not a cheater

12 – The Infinity Onion Ring.

onion ring

13 – A perfectly “tanned” slice of bread with just a sesame seed right in the center.

Perfect bun burger

14 – The shelf that every glutton would love.

Food Shelf

15 – Nuggets in the shape of a world map.

Chicken Nuggets World Shape

16 – A mind-blowing jelly cake.

Perfect Jell-O Cake

17 – This ice cream is pure perfection.

A perfect ice cream

18 – The hen that produced this egg must have been a mathematician in the afterlife.

Completely round egg


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