6 Foods That Are Lowering Your Energy Levels

Although the phrase “we are what we eat” sounds cliché to you, surely your body has sent you a lot of signals to prove that it is totally true. How are you doing lately? Do you feel more tired than usual even though you sleep for hours? You don’t have sleep, you just have a terrible diet.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re not skipping breakfast, eating carbs, or drinking caffeine like crazy… There are foods that you should eliminate from your diet if you want to give your body a balanced rest. Say goodbye to artificial energizers and start eating right!


1. Grains, dairy, and carbohydrates


We tend to believe that to start the morning “with all the attitude” we need to saturate ourselves with glucose. Far from giving us an energy boost, sugars will stimulate the pancreas to start producing insulin. So you put your body to work very early! Don’t be surprised that at noon your energy levels are at rock bottom.

2. White Bread

White bread

Flours act just like cereal and products with too much sugar, plus they fill you up very quickly and prevent your body from receiving foods that provide it with healthy energy. It’s like stuffing yourself with crumbs! You don’t seem hungry, but inside your body lacks a lot of nutrients if you only eat sandwiches, croissantsbagels, and pizza.

3. Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

The World Health Organization does not recommend them because the zombie-awakening effect it produces in the most tired or sleepless people lasts only a couple of minutes; After the euphoria comes weakness again, but stronger due to the excess sugar your body is trying to process. Plus, they slow down your metabolism!

4. Coffee


It also seems contradictory to us but, far from keeping you awake at night, coffee takes you away from all possibilities of rest, since consumed in abusive amounts due to its highly addictive components makes the revitalizing effect of caffeine not even felt in your body. One or two morning cups is more than enough to enjoy its benefits!

5. Red meat


Although the nutrients and proteins found in red meat are important for the proper functioning of the body, consuming it more than twice a week puts your health at risk. One of the factors that make red meat such an exhausting food is its slow and difficult digestion process. Believe it or not, it’s also tiring for your body to work on the inside.

6. Fast Food


Fast food doesn’t make you fast… quite the opposite! It’s too greasy, seasoned, and processed, so it quickly loses its nutrients; Consuming it is as if you are only stuffing your stomach with straw and that will be reflected in your willingness to do activities during the day. Eat healthy to recharge your batteries!




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