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Giza Great Anciant Pyramids

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Great Pyramids are the largest ancient stone structures entirely built of limestone blocks having square base and sloping sides meet in a point at the top and are of mysterious ancient monuments found in Egypt. Pyramids are the great ancient man-made structures ever found on Earth made by ancient Egyptians. But there are some mysterious facts about these great pyramids i.e. why pyramids were built and for what purpose pyramids were used in the ancient time.

Though there’re different theories which tells the story of pyramids but there are still lots of mysteries hidden inside these pyramids and most of them are unearth by Egyptologists, geologists and scientists, and pyramids are still in research from the day they have been discovered.

World’s bigger and great man-made ancient monuments are found in Egypt. Ancient Egypt was one of the wealthiest states and has large number of ancient monument on Earth. Your all question about these great pyramids are answered here.


When were pyramids built?

Pyramids are the oldest monuments built in the third dynasty around 2630 B.C.-2611 B.C., they built around 4,600 years ago. One of the oldest pyramid (Pyramid of Djoser) ever known was built around 2630 B.C. (27th century B.C.) at Saqqara in Egypt. The famous pyramids of Giza were built around 2530 B.C. The earlier step pyramids built at the beginning of 2950 B.C. were covered with flat roof and know as the Red Pyramid.

Who built pyramids?

Its still a mystery for researchers, who exactly built the pyramids? but one thing that is hard to believe is that these giant monuments were built in one pharaoh’s lifetime. A group of scientists started mimicking the great pyramid right next to the ancient pyramid with all modern technology, and after about 100 days they could only achieve 1/40 of that of the ancient pyramid. Now you can imagine how many workers and days or even years they took to built one great pyramid at that time.

Some people believed that they were built by ancient aliens and some of the facts and connections to other natural phenomenon and resources also showed the facts. But there’s not much evidences to proof that that they were built by aliens and are just the myths.

Some of the evidences that Egyptians built pyramids are the graffiti. The graffiti found on the stones on pyramids indicates ancient Egyptian civilization actually built the pyramids. Number of evidence showed that the Egyptians are the builders of pyramids are statue, skeletons, tombs, graffiti and other such connections to Egyptian civilizations found in great pyramids. That proofs that they are not from the space.

How pyramids were built?

I think it took more time than the time these pyramids built in. It fails our imaginations even beyond the limits.

Its still a mystery how they actually erect these huge buildings except some of the conceptions about how they took limestone weighing tons from quarry to the pyramid site. It is believed that the time of the year when Nile was in flood, they easily transport the stones from quarry to pyramids site. But non of the conceptions is prominent.

Another debate is what techniques they have had used to load the heavy stones one atop another. Even it seems impossible with latest technology to erect similar structure at that place where they had built these pyramids with such an accurate precision without any measuring tools.

One mystical fast about pyramid height shows that if circumference of the square of base of pyramid made circle then radius of that circle is equal to the height of the pyramid and all the sides are equal in length with just 20 centimetres difference in one side. They are such a great monuments of ancient time.

Why pyramids were built?

Geologists discovered that pyramids were built to buried the pharaoh and there is also king’s tomb in the chamber inside the great pyramids. There’s a paranormal relation between burring of tombs inside pyramid, they believed it as the connection to the afterlife.

Almost all mysteries are concluded based on theories and one theory about great pyramids is that they were built by Ancient Egyptians to protect afterlife of king. Ancient Egyptians believed that they could sustain their current life for future by buried their mummified bodies inside these pyramids.

No matter how many theories are there about these pyramids but its all about believe of ancient Egyptians in their God, pharaoh or something which is still a mystery.

How many pyramids are?

More than 100 pyramids have been discovered till now and all of them situated on the west bank of the Nile and still discovered and more may unearth. Recently a crystal pyramid found under the surface of Bermuda Triangle. Pyramids are still under research from the day they have discovered.

Materials used to built pyramids

All pyramids are made of limestone directly delivered from quarries to the building site. Limestone used to built pyramids were white when pyramids were built and eroded with time. One of the great pyramids, Khufu’s pyramid was built of about 2,300,000 blocks of stones weighing from 2.5 to 30 tons each. Even some blocks weigh more than 50 tons.

Stones are placed with such an accurate precision that it reflects from pyramid’s geometry and are of same sizes. They had used copper tools to cut the stones from the quarry wall and to smooth them, because copper were the only hard metal at that time.

What is inside these great pyramid?

Well pyramids had been robbed until something could be explored and discovered. With the time pyramids become empty and now there’s not even a single mummified body found in the great pyramids rather than some evidence showing they were used to buried the mummified bodies. Actually those robbers were well know to the fact that what these pyramids were built for and what they hold inside.

But heavy stone cists still be there which supposed to be used to protect king’s body but actually not because they are empty now. Evidence showed that there would be boats, statues, luxury items, stone carvings and other valuable things stored inside pyramids.

Generally pyramids consists of king’s chambers, one underground chamber and different passages and look mystical from inside.

Different parameters of great pyramids

Pyramids were entirely built of stones. If you look from the top, they were built with such an accurate angle that base of pyramid is a perfect square and slopped sides meet in the centre point at the top of the pyramid.

    • Base area of great pyramid is 55,000 meters square.
    • Around 2,300,000 blocks of stones were used to built the great pyramid
    • Each stone weigh from 2.5 to 30 tons and some stones weigh more that 50 tons.
    • The height of great pyramid was 147 meters.
    • The average base side of pyramid is 230 meters.
    • Average interior temperate of great pyramid is equal to the average temperature of Earth i.e. 20 degrees celsius.

No matter what different theories tells us about the past of these great pyramids but they were built for some cause, their believe enthusiasts them to built these monuments and their faith in God helps them built these giant stone structures which seems to be impossible to mimic today even with latest technology, and they made it without any machinery or cutting edge technology.

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