Interesting Facts About The Coldest and Driest Antarctica Continent

Interesting facts about Antarctica

Antarctica, the coldest southern hemisphere continent mostly covered with freezing ice is the coldest place on Earth. Seems surprising but there are number of species living in this region where even breathing seems to be hard at such a low temperature.


Here’re some interesting facts, history and onsite information about the Antarctica.

  1. Antarctica is a permanent uninhabited place on Earth where there it is even hard to breathe and only scientists and researches visit there at research stations.
  2. Where life seems to be impossible but about 3500 species have been discovered at Antarctica Vostok River under the 4 miles thick sheet of ice.
  3. Antarctica has no time zone and it is the only continent without a time zone.
  4. The only flightless bird Penguin, on estimated 20 million breeding pairs of flightless penguin birds are found in Antarctica alone.
  5. Ice is the solid state of water and if that much ice of Antarctica melt down then sea levels would rise up to 200 feet or 60 meters.
  6. First person buried in Antarctica. In October 14, 1899 Norwegian zoologist Nicolai Hansen has been buried in Antarctica and become the first person who buried in Antarctica continent.
  7. If someone could be buried in Antarctica then why not a birth. Emilio Marcos Palma of Argentina was the first person born in Antarctica on January 7, 1978.
  8. Area wise Antarctica continent is twice the size of Australia.
  9. Not only Antarctica but also known as Terra Australis Incognita, Antarctica was known by this name before 1840.
  10. Coldest place discovered in Antarctica using remote sensing technology with temperature recorded –136 Degrees Fahrenheit which is the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth.
  11. Captain James Cook was the first person who discovered the Antarctica in January 17, 1773 while crossing the Antarctica Circle.
  12. About 98% region of Antarctica is covered with freezing dry ice.
  13. Antarctica is not owned or lies in any country and is still a government free zone on Earth.
  14. The name Antarctica comes from the Greek compound word which means ‘opposite to Arctic’ or ‘opposite to north’.
  15. South pole of Earth is in Antarctica.

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Photo credit: Rita Willaert



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