Top 6 Coldest Places on Planet Earth

one of the coldest places on earth

About 10% area of Earth is covered by ice and most of it found in Antarctica where coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth is about -136 Degrees Fahrenheit or -93 Degrees Celsius which is colder than the dry ice. Antarctica is the coldest continental area on Earth situated at the South Pole. It is nearly twice the size of Australia with an area of about 14,000,000 km square and mostly covered with ice.

And, here are the 6 coldest places on Earth with recently discovered coldest place with temperature of 136°F below 0 measured using remote sensing technology utilising satellites.

East Antarctic Plateau (Antarctica)

Temperature recorded: -136°F (-93°C)

However the temperature of this place was recorded using remote sensing technology by satellites but it is the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth which is colder than the dry ice. About 98% Antarctica is covered by ice of an average of 1 mile thickness and is the area where it is hard to breathe.

Vostok Station (Antarctica)

Temperature recorded: -128.6°F (-89.22°C)

Vostok Station is one of the coldest places on the Earth in Antarctica situated at the East centre of the continent. A vostok lake was also discovered under this area and is being under research to discover living species and recent studies shows that around 3500 species discovered in this lake. Vostok was discovered and established in December 1957. The area is covered by the 4 miles thick layer of ice.

Plateau Station (Antarctica)

Temperature recorded: -119.2°F (-84°C)

The average lowest temperature measured at Plateau Station was 119.2°F below 0 in July 1968. However, the lowest temperature has been recorded only in the month of July and is one of the coldest places on Planet.

Oymyakon (Russia)

Temperature recorded: -96°F (-71.11°C)

It is the coldest inhabited locality in the world with temperature as low as the ground is frozen all the time. This Russian town is the home of about 500 people situated in the Oymyakon valley, Northeast of Russian. People of this town faced lots of problems from freezing devices batteries to burying dead bodies, starting of cars etc.

Verkhoyansk (Russia)

Temperature recorded: -89.8°F (-67.66°C)

Verkhoyansk has one of the extreme difference in the temperature of summer and winter. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Verkhoyansk is –89.8 Degrees Fahrenheit and highest temperature of 69.4 Degrees Fahrenheit. Verkhoyansk is a small town with inhabitants of around 1311 located on the Yana River in Russia.

North Ice (Greenland)

Temperature recorded: -86.8°F (-66°C)

North ice is the ice region of Greenland situated Northwest of Canada. It was a research station of British North Greenland Expedition from 1952 to 1954 and one of the coldest places on the Earth with lowest temperature recorded as –86.8 Degrees Fahrenheit.


Photo credit: Maarten Takens



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