A Remote Twins Town Where Most Twins are Born

An interesting phenomenon from an Indian town where large number of twins are born. The town has a high number of twins rate in contrast of global twins rate and is nearly 7 times of that of global rate. There are other such towns in the world with large number of twins births but it is amazingly interesting that majority of twins born in any specific town on a small localized area in the world.

Twins town Kodinhi, India

Kodinhi is an Indian village situated in Kerala state of southern India and is a home of 2,000 families. Kodinhi got the attention of world due to majority of twins born in this small town.  The town has 400+ twins pairs and two of triplets out of 2,000 families as of 2013 and nearly a largest number of twins in any town in the world. In 2008 alone 15 pairs of twins were born and increasing year to year.

It’s strange because its a high rate of twins births as compare to global twins rate which is 6 twins of 1,000 births and Kodinhi has a twins rate of 45 twins of 1,000 births, that’s 7 times the global twins rate and that’s too high for a small town as compare to the twins births rate of whole world. And, in contrast of it India has lowest twins rate in the world.

Pairs of twins in Kodinhi, India

Kodinhi is now become the twins village of India after the global attention and become the first town of India founded the Twins and Kin Associations (TAKA) and people of this town becoming more and more aware of this strange phenomenon. From the reports it is conceived that this phenomenon was originated about 60 to 70 years ago and twins rate is increasing every year.

Doctors of this town studying the phenomenon for years but no one got the actual cause of this and everyone is amazed by such a high rate of twins. It is reported that in the last 10 years number of twins has doubled and in contradiction to town’s localization, twins born in this town are healthy and without any deformities. Most of the twins kids in this town are so identical that they take it to the funny side by tricking with their friends and teachers.

The town leads scientists to study the genetic chemistry of twins mystery and a strange phenomenon.

Photos: Niklas Halle’n/BARCROFT MEDIA




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