The Most Bizarre and Weird Theme Restaurants in the World

Have you ever heard of having dinner sitting on a toilet seat or in a complete darkness by using other senses of taste and smell, or on a place full of surprises and adventures. Well, some of the most unusual and interesting bizarre themed restaurants offers you more than just a dinner. They give you an interesting experience of having dinner in a whole new way that you will remember when ever you next time visit to any other restaurant. Yes, that’s what we are talking about is bizarre and weird themed restaurants.

If you still have not experienced such a restaurant then here are most weird and bizarre themed restaurants in the world. These restaurants offers lots of surprises as well as different tastes of food in a whole new way.



Magic Restroom Cafe – Toilet Themed (Los Angeles, U.S.)

Magic restroom cafe, toilet themed restaurant, America

Magic Restroom Cafe is America’s first toilet themed restaurant opened on October 11, 2013. It’s an eatery with toilet seats in place of chairs and serving in toilet shaped bowls. It’s interesting and some times strange to eat in a totally different environment naturally not meant for eating, but the food served is good.

Map: Magic Restroom Cafe


ALCATRAZ E.R – Prison Hospital Themed (Shibuya, Japan)

ALCATRAZ E.R, hospital prison themed restaurant, Japan

ALCATRAZ E.R is a Japanese prison hospital themed restaurant in Tokyo city with all things weird. It is a popular Japanese restaurant presents fully medical prison environment and served food in syringes, mannequin heads and test tubes to give you an experience of prison life.



Modern Toilet – Toilet Themed Restaurant (Taiwan, China)

Modern Toilet, toilet themed restaurant

Modern Toilet is popular chain of restaurants in Taiwan and China started from 2004 with MARTON Restaurant later changed to Modern Toilet and number of Modern Toilet restaurants are opened in Taiwan and China since 2004. As the bathroom themed food is served in toilet shaped bowls on glass-topped baths in place of tables.

Locations: Modern Toilet


NINJA Akasaka – Ninja Themed Restaurant (Japan)

Ninja Akasaka restaurant, Japan

Ninja Akasaka restaurant is themed on The Ninja who is a solder of darkness. What so weird here is darkness and Ninjas serving you food in a dark theme. Ninja take you to the dining area in a cave like paths with lots of surprises with just a torch in the dark.

Map: NINJA Akasaka


THE LOCKUP – Lockup Themed (Shibuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)

The Lockup restaurant, Japan

THE LOCKUP is a prison themed restaurant on various locations in Japan. It’s fun and interesting to have dinner handcuffed in dim environment.

Location & more: THE LOCKUP


Cave Restaurant & Resort – Cave Themed (Richland, Missouri, America)

The Cave restaurant & resort, Richland

The Cave restaurant is themed like a cave gives you an experience like you are on an adventure trip. They have created unnaturally natural environment away from natural lights. Restaurant is based in Missouri, America.

Map: Cave Restaurant & Resort


Ninja NY – Ninja Themed Restaurant (New York)

Ninja New York restaurant New York

Ninja NY is another Ninja themed restaurant in New York, America. It’s a another funny, interesting and enjoyable eatery to have dinner served by Ninjas in a bizarre themed restaurant in New York city.

Map: Ninja New York


Opaque – Dining in the Dark (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Dallas)

Opaque, dining in dark restaurant

Enjoy the darkness in a whole new way at Opaque – dining in dark, a dark themed restaurant serving you on various locations in America. Dark is never black if you learned it and Opaque lets you explore your remaining senses at Opaque. You have to imagine with the help of other senses while having dinner at Opaque like a blind person.

Locations & timing: Opaque


Casa Bonita – Mexican Themed Restaurant (Lakewood, Colorado)

Casa Bonita restaurant, Lakewood

Casa Bonita offers you lots of adventure, 30 feet waterfall, water diving and Mexican food to enjoy in a wonder of Lakewood. Casa Bonita is a Mexican-themed restaurant based in Lakewood, Colorado.

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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Daniels, ALCATRAZ E.R, riNux, Ivan Garcia, The LOCKUP, Casa Bonita



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