Critical Illustrations on Modern Life by Marco Melgrati

Marco Melgrati is an illustrator originally from Australia with a rather critical look at the habits of modern society and, like several other artists around the world, expresses his discontent with some aspects of modernity through thought-provoking illustrations.

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Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (14)
Love your enemies.

When appreciating their designs, it is impossible not to introspect on the degree of influence that the environment in which we live has on our nature, and also on the directions that humanity has taken.

The titles we use at Marcianos for each image are translations of the originals used by Melgrati, an exact way of conveying the message he intends to communicate with his drawings. Take a look at these 25 works full of profound reflections on modernity:

The death of privacy.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (7)

The language of new media.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (8)

Smartphone addiction.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (10)

Be whoever you want to be.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (11)


Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (12)

The dangers of being optimistic.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (13)

It’s time to quit the job.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (15)

Face your fears.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (16)

Financial and political power.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (18)

Ways to cope with a complicated relationship.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (19)

Deforestation: costs to humanity.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (21)

Pay attention!

Illustration-Marco-Melgrati (22)

Learn to forget.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (23)

Opinion leaders and influencers.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (24)


Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (25)

Social media and narcissism.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (2)

It could be love.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (3)

Do you solve problems logically or instinctively?

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (1)


Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (4)


Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (5)

True love.

Illustration-Frame-Melgrati (6)

To follow Marco Melgrati’s work, you can follow him on his Instagram account, or on his site. He frequently posts illustrations like the ones you just saw.



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