Tales of Failure in Reality / The Matrix

Have you ever been doing something routine and the next moment you realize that, without explanation, you have changed places and activities? A glitch or mistake in the Matrix is an experience that shows us that there are bugs in the real world or somewhere in our brain. More than a Déjà vu, they are episodes that disturb the logic of reality and for which no one has a coherent explanation. Some say that these are portals to another dimension, “errors in the code” of our world, or illusory acts promoted by beings who control us. Here’s a compilation of these stories from a Reddit thread.

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illustration by Sylar113
illustration by Sylar113

Dead or alive?

I knew my uncle was dead.

My mother had called me to break the news. I was very upset after that. He called me in the middle of working hours and I even told a colleague, who gave me his condolences for the loss of my family member.

A few weeks later I was talking to my sister and she started telling me about a trip my aunt and uncle were on. I told him that was impossible, because he was dead. She assured me that no, he was alive. So I called my mother, and she hadn’t really died.

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To this day I don’t know how much of that day was imagination and how much truth. Did I really tell my coworker at work? Did I really talk to my mother that day? It terrifies me to know that my brain can create false memories as real as that.

In French, please.

A few years ago I woke up next to my (now ex) girlfriend and we started a pretty fluent conversation in French. I got up, went to the bathroom, and as the water began to run I remembered that neither of us spoke French. When I came out of the bathroom I asked him. She remembered what happened, but she was just as confused as I was. What’s worse, I couldn’t remember what we talked about, because I don’t speak any French at all. The brain is a really weird thing.

A different path.

Some time ago I was walking to work when I felt an absurd need to take a different path than I normally do. I work in the center of a big city. It was something quite unexpected that ended up changing my life forever.

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I ended up stopping in an alley I had never seen before. I remember that I advanced another five meters until the “failure” occurred. Everything in my mind exploded. I felt as if my body no longer existed, as if I was a semi-conscious being floating through a very strange dimension. Suddenly, among so many shapes and colors, I had a vision. These were several unknown people who, in my mind, looked like businessmen in suits. They looked fearful and filled with a panic that I could see. One of these “people” made a sharp movement and everything went black.

When I returned to my normal state, I found myself on a completely different street. It was the street I always walked down on my way to work. I felt sick, disturbed, and depressed.

I never used any kind of drugs or heavy medications, I never suffered from hallucinations and prior to this nothing of the same nature had happened to me. The strangest thing was that when the glitch was happening, I could see those people watching me like an animal in a cage, I felt like they were controlling me. To this day, that episode continues to disturb me.

Sharp curve.

When I was about ten or eleven years old, I was heading to the beach with my aunt and some friends. We were split into two cars. To get to the beach it was mandatory to pass through a fairly large industrial area. We didn’t know the road, so we followed another car. At one point in the trip, the car we were following turned without warning and the driver of our car had to make a rather sharp curve.

Reality Illustrations (3)

At that precise moment we all heard a loud, clear voice inside the car saying “sharp curve, right?” and laughing. The driver slammed on the brakes immediately. We looked at each other, not understanding what had happened. That voice didn’t belong to any of the people inside the car.

Soon after, we noticed that the other car had also stopped. The driver of the other vehicle got out with a look of terror on his face and shouted, “Did you hear it too?” They had heard the exact same thing inside the other car. The area was totally deserted. None of the cars had the radio on.

A dream about suicide.

When I was still going through adolescence, during one night, I had two very heavy dreams. One was about an internet friend who called me to tell me that she had broken up with her boyfriend, I sang her some snippets of the song “Don’t Cry” by Seal to cheer her up a bit. In the second dream I was with another (real-life) friend dead, floating in a bathtub filled with water.

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I didn’t think much about that dream until that same night when I went online and that long-distance friend told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend. I immediately asked if I could call her, and she said no. I remember thinking that could mean something, like I had a chance to change things.

Not long after, my phone rang. She was my real-life friend, from the other dream, calling me. I was terrified at the time, but I tried to converse with her in the most normal way possible. He would talk to me about school and routine things. Until I noticed in the background sound the water falling. I asked, “Are you in the bathtub?” She said yes and I felt my heart stop. I asked, “What did you do?” He didn’t answer instantly, and after a long pause, he told me that he had ingested a cocktail of controlled drugs mixed with hallucinogenic mushrooms and vodka. She had grown cowed by waiting alone for the effect, so she called me to calm down. I hung up and called the police. When officers arrived, she was already unconscious, but still alive.

Today she is the mother of a beautiful girl and lives happily.

No bruises or wounds.

I was clowning around on the railing of my fourth-floor balcony when I fell while my friends watched the scene in terror. I vividly remember seeing the concrete floor coming close to my face and thinking “Wow shit, I’m going to break my hand” (I have no idea why I thought of my hands when I had more serious problems).

The next thing I remember is my friends yelling from above, “ARE YOU OKAY?” I looked up and asked, “What happened?”

They hadn’t seen me hit the ground, they ran to the railing and found me standing, looking up, confused. I didn’t have any wounds or bruises. The memory of the blow to the ground does not exist. Those two seconds no longer exist in my memories.

None of the three understands what happened; However, we saw the scene and agreed that it really happened.

My eyes burn.

About 15 years ago, some friends of my parents, named Steve and Julie, were awakened by a loud bang that shook their house. Worried that one of his children had fallen off the bunk bed while he was sleeping, Steve ran down the stairs and found his three children sleeping peacefully in their beds. Julie asked Steve to check to confirm that there were no intruders inside the house and the man checked all the doors and windows before heading out into the garden.

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After ten minutes of investigating what could have caused the noise and finding nothing out of place, he returned home and went to bed. He found his wife very worried, even a little out of control, asking him what he had gotten himself into and what had happened. Confused and tired, Steve told her he hadn’t found anything and tried to calm her down, until she pointed to the clock and told him it was four in the morning, that he was gone for over three hours. Julie had even come out of the house, called out his name, and was nowhere to be found. Unable to understand what had happened, the two went back to sleep until Steve had to get up to go to work.

Steve worked painting houses and after a few hours at work he noticed that his eyes were itchy, then they started to burn, and after a few hours they burned so much that he had to hold his eyelids, because every time he closed them he felt as if they were sandpaper scraping against his eyeball. His co-workers took him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with second-degree burns to his eyes. Doctors told him his burns were equivalent to staring at a welding machine running for hours without any protection. His eyes were treated and he was lucky to regain his sight fully.

The illustrations in this article were created by Sylar113

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