The Lie We Live In, A Documentary to Think About

It exposes the truth about the corrupt world we inhabit. The author, Spencer Cathcart, made this short documentary, under the title “The Lie We Live“, questioning everything we know as freedom, the learning system, companies, money

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… the capitalist system, the U.S. government, global collapse, the environment, climate change, genetically modified food, and our treatment of animals. It’s a video that, regardless of whether you agree or not, will give you a lot to think about.

Analyzing this video, it is possible to observe that the collective propels us through the force of social coercion, as theorized by Émile Durkheim. It is the herd effect that, added to an increasingly technological world, presents us with increasingly dynamic alterations in behavior. And at the same time that it produces a new kind of herd effect, technology classifies us into groups, and within these groups individualism is privileged.

But all slaves to this new world, when we are asked to join, we obey orders and become a pack to appear in the media. What about the sporting events organized by the big TV networks? As soon as the order is given, the masses flock to have fun and feel that they are part of the current. That is to say, we live conditioned, where is our autonomy?

The same thing happens in elections, where the media chooses who we vote for. And so on…

The problem is that when we are alone, the vast majority need to be collectively accepted in order to feel part of a whole. Where is our individuality?

Perhaps now you can clearly see the way we are used by the media, the manipulation that the system does to us from a young age to sow the ideas that best suit the elites.



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