3 Online Tools to Help You Overcome Stressful Times

Today, stress is one of the great evils in our society. It is enough to stop for a moment to think about it a little: how many deadlines must you meet before vacation, how many tasks must be completed before Friday, what bills must be paid before the fortnight arrives? Every day, a considerable amount of earrings overwhelm our daily lives, causing increased anxiety, worry and intense depressive symptoms.

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Unbearable stress

The good news is that technology can also help us stay on track when moments like this happen.

1 – Look at the big picture.

Sometimes, things get so difficult that the sanest thing to do is to stop a little and observe what is happening. However, sometimes even those we trust are unable to help us at that moment, what to do?

Online Stress Analyzer

There is a website that can help you stay afloat at that time. This is the Relax Online Stress Analyst, a virtual assistant that aims to identify the main source of stress to help you treat it, all through a series of very specific stages. When we open it, they reveal some levels of stress such as “anxious”, “stressed”, etc. You will then look at various screens with texts written according to the reason for the stress – for example, the experience of a bad moment, the encounter with an unpleasant person, etc.

The best part is that you will get valuable and truthful information about your situation, as the site was developed by researchers. You can access it by clicking here.

2 – Inhale and exhale.

If you’re usually interested in mental health issues, you’ve probably heard about breathing techniques and their many benefits: if you breathe more carefully and deeply, you can even control anxiety and stress. When you’re feeling nervous, try to take a deep breath to calm yourself and put your thoughts in order.

xhalr web project

To guide you on proper breathing technique, there is a site called Exhale, with a very user-friendly interface. On the home page, a circle is shown that waxes and wanes in size, revealing the rhythm you need to follow to inhale and exhale. In addition, you can modify the inhale and exhale time as you feel more comfortable, along with some techniques used in yoga. You can access it right here.

3 – Give yourself some time.

To be honest, few things these days generate more anxiety than a smartphone with the screen on at all times receiving notifications – whether it’s from the family group or friends sharing their vacation photos. So why don’t we tune out all of this?

A Quiet Place Web Project

There is a site called The Quiet Place that offers its users a few minutes of calm and tranquility. With a fairly minimalist interface, at the beginning you will be shown some basic instructions such as turning off your phone for a few moments – and making sure everything is in order. This is followed by soothing music followed by messages that will help you sweep all those thoughts out of your mind.

The coolest thing is that, on the main page of the site, other links for relaxation are made available to the user, such as the “Hall of Thoughts”, where you can write everything that torments you and you will see the words explode to become stars. You can access it by clicking here.