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Although it may seem strange, there are specific days that lend themselves to the activities going smoothly. Whether you’re trying to win someone over, ask your boss for a raise, become popular on social media, start dieting, quit smoking, or simply discover your most productive moment, if you do these activities on the right day, things will be easier and more advantageous for you.

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What is the best day to date?

Make no mistake, the best day to have a romantic encounter is Thursday. And this has a physiological basis: according to the London School of Economics, on that day the hormones that lead to arousal are on the rise. Among heterosexual couples, the morning period is recommended: when these hormones are more synchronized between men and women.

What is the best day to request a raise.

The English consulting company RH Office Angels guarantees it: if you are going to ask for a raise, it should be on a Wednesday. Among the 1,500 bosses interviewed, 78% said they are most receptive to that kind of conversation in the middle of the week. The ideal time is 5:00 P.M. when they have finished the day’s tasks and have time to listen to the employee.

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What is the best day to post on social media.

According to Adobe’s Social Intelligence 2014 report, Friday has the highest engagement rate of the week. That is, the probability that a post or photograph will receive many likes, be commented on or shared. In addition, 25% of all video views on Facebook happen on the eve of the weekend.

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What is the best day to start the diet.

There’s no escaping it: it’s just a fateful Monday. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, in the United States, concluded that on that day most people show a greater propensity to carry out long-term projects, mainly those aimed at exercising and balancing their diet.

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What is the best day to quit smoking.

Also on Monday. A study published in the journal Jama Internal Medicine, of the American Medical Association, indicates that smokers who opted for this day had a 25% higher success rate than those who decided to quit between Tuesday and Sunday. (Let’s not forget: Heart attacks increase by 20% on Mondays, thanks to weekend excesses and the stress of work.)

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What is the best day to work.

Of course, most mortals don’t have a choice and we practically work every day. But we do have a time of increased productivity. According to research conducted by the outsourcing agency Accountemps with 300 HR agents, these times take place on Tuesdays, especially between 10:00 and 12:00.

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