Two Women Live in Cave to Avoid Electromagnetic Waves

Would you believe it, technology is compelled certain people to live in the cave, well it’s true. Some people are sensitive to Electromagnetic waves and believes being trapped in the mesh of waves surrounding us. Electromagnetic waves which are all around us cause certain people to live in the cave or on the places where they feel well and peaceful away from modern technology.

Frenchwomen living in cave

In Beaumugne, France where two women Anne Cautain and Bernadette Touloumond live in the cave of high alps region. This is where they call home, the home at which they feel safe. Until recently, both Anne and Bernadette lived conventional city lives. Bernadette was a retired airline hostess from Paris and Anne was a university employee in Nice and mother of two.

Both are actually suffering from a rare condition called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) where person is so sensitive to Electromagnetic waves which are everywhere in the environments. They are inside our body, come from sun, emits by any electrical device, microwave oven, hairdryer, cell phone, computer and Wi-Fi system. They are not using even a single electrical device in their home.

They have same condition but different symptoms.  “When I receive waves I first feel a pain in my right leg which goes up to my hip across my back, and around my heart. And if the waves are strong, I can have headaches” said Bernadette.

“I noticed that whenever I had my laptop on my knees I had muscle pains. So I began to take notes, And over five months I established a connection between my computer and the pain” said Anne. Anne symptoms began when Wi-Fi was installed at the university where she worked. To seek relief, she left her job and then her apartment.

Before abandon their city lives they both consulted the doctors but, there is no treatment for illness that has no established cause. It’s a self diagnosed condition and it’s not actually a medical diagnosis because there is not any official diagnosis for that sort of ailment. Doctors seems that there is no evidence that EHS people are actually suffering their symptoms from actual exposure to the Electromagnetic Fields.

They feel like a handicapped and have been told that it’s a psychological illness or even a phobia to technology but they believe it’s not true and they only find relief when deep inside their cave. They believe a fine metal mesh at the entrance of cave helps to shield their home.

They very rarely go out of their cave-home to collect freshwater and shower at their neighbour’s house at the base of the mountain they are living and can’t stay longer at all.

In experts point of view the symptoms most begins in the mind. What seems to be happening is that these people are experiencing a nocebo effect. Nacebo effect is essentially opposite to placebo effect in which instead of taking pills and feeling better because it’s going to make you feel better with nacebo effect you think it’s going to make you feel worse and subsequently you feel worse.

Considering their symptoms they are not alone. Some scientists also believe that modern technology cause EHS and over the last 50 years Electromagnetic Fields increased vastly and continue increasing.

They are sustained by a dream and hope for the area free of EMWs called the White Zone and they believe that the White Zone will be created one day for more and more of us.

After all, nothing can be up against the health and everything comes after body and they proof that too by living in the cave for relief away from the city life.


Image: National Geographic



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