20 Examples of Weird and Tacky Architecture

Architecture is an art that has evolved over the centuries, giving rise to some of the most impressive and iconic buildings in the world. However, sometimes architects take too many risks and create buildings that defy all aesthetic and tasteful norms. These buildings are often popularized by their bizarre and tasteless architecture.

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In most cases, they attract attention because of the unusualness of their design and eye-catching appearance. Some of these buildings are true masterpieces of bad taste, while others simply look strange and uncomfortable. In this post, we’ll explore some examples. From the building that looks like a standing swimming pool, to the fallen house, to a building that looks poorly rendered, this list includes some of the most unusual constructions in the world.

Are these constructions an art form or just a mindless architectural extravaganza? Are they an expression of the creativity and individuality of architects or an insult to the beauty and elegance of traditional architecture? The answers to these questions are up to each reader.


Weird condo in Kaliningrad

This horrendous residential building in Macau, China, resembles stacked bird cages.

Building in Macau Shaped Cages

Antilia, a supremely strange private residence in India.

Antilia building in India

It’s not a winery, it’s a railway station in Estonia.

Hermetic Train Station

Wellington International Airport (The Rock) in New Zealand looks like a bad render.

Wellington International Airport The Rock

I know you’re wondering the same thing I have: did they build it for Infonavit?

House without door

A building in San Francisco, California, that must be a nightmare for the claustrophobic.

San Francisco Federal Building

A “lying down” house is one of the craziest concepts in urban architecture.

Fallen House in Japan

Surely in your city there is a building as horrific as this one in Athens, Greece.

Horrendous building in Athens

They look like cooling towers in a nuclear power plant, but it’s actually a historic theatre in England.

Theatre that looks like a nuclear power plant in England

Verizon’s New York headquarters looked like a mandolin for cutting vegetables.

Verizon Building Before & After

From any point of view, the Grand Lisboa in Macau, China, is impressively “rare.”

Gran Lisboa Hotel in China

This building in the city of Philadelphia, United States, looks like a standing swimming pool.

Swimming pool stop building

The Kaden Tower, a building that houses a shopping mall in the town of Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Rare shopping mall in the United States

I know that sounds like a duck, but this skyscraper in Bangkok, Thailand, is called the Elephant Building.

elephant building in Bangkok

Cape Romano Dome House, an abandoned private property on the shores of Florida.

Cape Romano Dome House

Although the Mirador Building belongs to postmodern architecture, the truth is that it seems to be built with Lego pieces.

Lego building in Madris

A building in Egypt so cramped that it must be an ordeal to live there.

A super cramped building in Egypt

A strange building in Kuwait whose floor numbers can be seen from the Moon.

Numbered building

A department store in England in the shape of a Minion.

Minion-shaped building


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