20 Fabulous Examples of Friendly Architecture

Architecture is a profession where creativity and innovation are essential elements. Unfortunately, it is enough to take a walk around any urban environment to find that there is a lack of friendly architecture. These kinds of environments are accessible to all, especially those who have a disability or are in need.

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The following examples of friendly architecture stand out for their innovation, creativity, and accessibility. They make people’s lives easier in an intelligent and harmonious way. In addition, they promote kindness and even sustainability among society. Take a look at the heroes who fight hostile architecture.


The Wall of Kindness in Norwich, Vermont, United States.

Wall of Kindness

“Grab a coat if you’re cold. Leave a coat if you won’t use it anymore.”

A wheelchair-accessible swimming pool in Egmont Højskolen, Denmark.

Wheelchair accessible pool

This water bowl has a second purpose: to prevent water from being wasted by offering it to dogs.

Recycle Water Bowl for Dogs

Sandboxes for children in wheelchairs.

Litter Boxes Wheelchairs

A bus stop with swings.

Bus stop with swings

In Norway they make recycling easier.

Accessory trash can to recycle bottles

In Norway, used PET bottles and aluminum cans are collected and sold for recycling. Often, this task is done by homeless people looking to earn some money. In many trash cans in that country it is possible to find this kind of attached supports. Basically, they prevent people from having to dig through the trash to get the recycling material.

These small roofs prevent bike seats from getting soggy in the event of rain.

Rain Bike Seat Protectors

For those most in need, even the smallest detail makes a difference.

Public bench with pillow

These benches have a movable backrest, so you can sit facing the park or the pier.

Movable Backrest Bench

In 2019, Old City (Jerusalem) added four kilometers of wheelchair-accessible routes.

Old City Jerusalem Wheelchairs

A pediatrics office with a miniature door.

Miniature Door

A public defibrillation station in Adelaide, Australia.

Defribilation Station

With a card, the elderly and disabled request more time to cross a crosswalk.

Green Man Traffic Light System Indonesia

The system is called Green Man+ and is found at many traffic lights in Singapore.

This bank provides shelter to homeless people in Vancouver, Canada.

Shelter bench for vagrants

The bizarre plastic contraption makes it easier for people in wheelchairs to maintain a small vegetable garden.

Wheelchair Garden

A wildlife crossing or wildlife crossing in Canada.

Wildlife Passage

This type of work reduces vehicle collisions with wild animals crossing the road by up to 80%.

The seesaw they installed right on the wall that divides Mexico from the United States.

Rise and Fall on the Wall Mexico United States

These cubicles in a library in Virginia, USA, have an extra section for parents to leave their young children while they are on site.

cubicle with space for children

This Braille text on the handrail of the observation deck describes the view for blind people.

Braille at a viewpoint

A small duck ramp.

Duck ramp

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