This vehicle with gigantic machine guns causes terror just by looking at it. Actually, it’s a gaming rig

It is one of the main war platforms that we can observe in this style

Machine guns looking gaming rig
Such a weapon is certainly surprising

Sometimes it is really difficult to differentiate when we are in front of a science fiction movie or when April Fool’s Day is approaching in some country of the world. We see such interesting practices as replicas of the Halo plasma sword that are functional, and this time we are looking at a workstation with two heavy machine guns installed and the ability to move around our home or office through an intricate system of tracks as if it were a combat vehicle.

Productivity with heavy machine guns

Gaming accessories brand Cluvens has unveiled its new J20 Gatling Workstation 2024, a workstation that features three fully adjustable screens and costs around €3,800 at the exchange rate.

The bad news is that machine guns don’t really work, although it’s strange to think about when it would be useful if they worked truthfully. What really works are tracks, the typical mode of travel that armored vehicles such as tanks or armored personnel carriers usually have. In this way, we will be in an experience very similar and immersive to that of moving around with a military vehicle, but all from our own home.

It’s true that it’s something really strange, but the truth is that it’s a gaming station that has all the possible luxuries. It is much larger than the previous models, being about two meters and thirty centimeters high, so we will need to have a fairly large room that allows us to install this device. It is not recommended to have it on the street because rain can affect the screens.

The station can be equipped with up to three monitors of 29 inches each or a 49-inch Samsung ultra-wide display. So you can choose what you want to install in this interesting setup. The workstation is designed to make us more productive, although in this case everything points to the final focus being aimed at gamers who want to have the best gaming experience possible.

Although it may seem strange to us, these settings are designed to improve the quality of life of usersWorkstations or battlestations suspend the user in a comfortable position that is much safer and healthier than the one we take while working at a normal desk. If we add to this the multiple screens, we find that productivity skyrockets, whatever the function we want to use this workstation for.

Of course, as we’ve already mentioned, it’s not exactly cheap. In addition, the screens do not come as standard, we will have to equip them ourselves according to our tastes, so the investment in this aspect shoots up even more.



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