16 Strangest and Most Creative Hotels and Homes in the World

Originality begins in our home, and there are those who take it very seriously, putting all their imagination into making their home different and making them strange, even when they ran into architectural complications.

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1. Toilet House, Suwon, Korea

Strange houses - house toilet in Korea

2. Bubble House, France

StrangeHouses- bubble house in France

It is a summer house made by Antti Lovag for the designer Pierre Cardin.

3. Cube Houses, Rotterdam

Strange Houses, Cube Houses, Rotterdam

Designed by architect Piet Blom in 1984; Each cube house has three floors.

4. Shoe House, PA

Strange Houses -Pennsylvania Shoe House

5. Stone House, Portugal

housesStrangers-houseStone Portugal

6. Crooked House, Indianapolis

Strange Cottage House Indaniapolis

7.- Head House, Germany

Strange Houses upside-down House in Germany

House in Trassenheide, on the German island of Usedom. Artwork by Klausdiusz Golos and Sebastian Mikiciuk.

8.- Barrel House, Michigan

StrangeHouses (11)

9. Basket Building, United States

Strange Houses - basket house

10. Ball House, Faroe Islands

Strange ball house

11. Snail House, Mexico

StrangeHouses (21)
housesStrange snail house Mexico facahda
Strange Snail House Mexico Interior

12. Spaceship House, United States

StrangeHouses (30)

13. Metal House, Texas

Weird house

14. Teahouse, Washington

Strange Teapot House

15. Costa Verde Hotel, Costa Rica

Strange Boeing 727 Airplane
housesStrange airplane Boeing 727 terrace
housesStrange Boeing 727 Airplane Bathroom

16. Sphere Building, Germany

StrangeHouses (37)
HousesStrange (38) building inner sphere


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